Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. Its slightly different this week {and for the next few} as Morgana is taking a well earned break. I have decided to continue with the posts as I really enjoy writing them up and reflecting on my week. Morgana will be back on the 25th August if you want to link back up with her.

Its been a strange week. Last week we took G and H to soft play and we came out with some dodgy bug. Basically H was sick once through the night last friday,. G missed the sickness part but ended up with a really bad belly. H unfortunately managed to get both – but only being sick the once! Come Sunday both had completely gone off their food and refused dessert! *shock horror* H then randomly was sick on one occasion on Sunday night.

I woke feeling awful and literally spent the whole day and night in bed. A severe migraine and nausea made me feel terrible. We all woke feeling loads better, but I was still not 100% By wednesday we were all better and I had my sister round for tea. H then decided to throw up everywhere at 12am!! Very random! I have taken a funny turn and don’t feel myself still! I am hoping whatever it is we have had is disappearing for good as its been rather debilitating not having any energy! But in-between all of that we have managed to do lots this week!

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove

I finished The Couple Next Door and I really enjoyed it BUT I did find myself thinking I had lost a few pages at the end! It was quite an abrupt ending and I was hoping for just a little more. That being said, I loved the twists and turns throughout the book and its a really easy summer read. I have dived straight into my next book The Escape and so far I am loving it.

CBB is back and its the only BB I now watch. I pushed myself to watch it Thursday evening before heading to bed early. We tend to record it and then watch the following day. I am not sure who I am backing yet. I love Sam Thompson from MIC but he seems a tad hyper at the moment!

Talking of MIC I watched the new series of Made In Chelsea: Ibiza. I literally love this reality program. I think I just like to indulge in how the other half live. Binky has now left which I am pretty gutted about as I adore her, but there are still some original characters I love to check in with. I did manage to catch Binky on Born In Chelsea though which was an insight to watch.

Who watched the final In The Dark? {BBC} I managed to watch the last two episodes back to back and I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from it. I loved the first two episodes and I was slightly put out that they would be doing the last two several months down the line. It was so good though and I am glad I tuned in. If you have not watched it then definitely do!

Ok, when I first heard this {and many times over} I honestly thought it was Katy Perry. I would tell everyone about Katy’s new song and they would not have a clue. Wasn’t until I searched for it that it wasn’t Katy it was Demi Lovato! Major music fail! But I still love it none the less.

Check out Fleur and her harness!! The weather has been rather lovely this week. We have had a few days where its rained but on the whole the sun has shone. So with that in mind, I am handing this little section over to Fleur. She finally got to go out for her first official walk! We decided on a harness for her as she has a windpipe problem so she coughs a lot when the lead is on. The harness works so much better and is much more comfortable for her. It was so lovely seeing her chase after dandelions and sniff the air. We managed to loose her ball, but hey, she has loads anyway so one going missing won’t hurt!


I had my sister round for tea this week and if you saw on my Instagram, I decided to whip up my Nutella Cheesecake. I bloody love this dessert and its so so easy to make. Devilish and very sickly but oh-so-good. We were all stuffed after and I still have leftovers which I can’t bring myself to eat!

We have a very busy few days. G has a party tomorrow and then we are off visiting family Sunday and Monday. I am really looking forward to the weekend. Mr B is off and although G and I will be out for the best part of a whole day tomorrow {the party is in London!} Spending time as a family is all I wish for, when its the weekend.

On another note:

I have started a weekly Mini-Series called For The Love Of, I know a few people have read it and said they like the idea of it being a linky!  If you would like to share with me what you have been enjoying, next weeks topic is Instagram, just pick three Instagram accounts your loving this month and write a brief description about it. I am always looking for new accounts to follow so if you want to join in you can! The topics change weekly from Vlogs, Blogs, Instagram and TV.. If its your thing I would love to see you link up!

What ever your up to, have a wonderful weekend!

I am linking up with the ever so lovely Morgana over at her new blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  for this linky,

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  1. August 5, 2017 / 6:28 am

    Yay you still did a #littleloves! I was toying with the idea then time ran away from me. How big does Fleur look on her harness! And now I know where my sunshine is – you’ve nicked it! The weather has been awful again here this week, with the exception of yesterday (I’m rapidly turning into the weather channel). That cheesecake looks AMAZING! I’ve got a massive pot of nutella in the cupboard so it’s rather tempting to ask you for the recipe but I’m attempting to stick to the diet – for a change! Hope you have a lovely weekend and that weird sickness bug is definitely gone – sound horrendous! x

    • mummyheartsyou
      August 5, 2017 / 6:32 am

      I couldn’t not do a #littleloves this week, its one of my favourite posts to write up. The sun has been sporadic this week, the weekend is supposed to be glorious but Monday the rain is set to kick in. Boo hiss!

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