Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. I am glad this week is over with if I am brutally honest. It hasn’t been the best. It started of well. I then got quite a bad sore throat mid week, which eased on Wednesday, but I had an extremely bad blue day and found myself sporadically sobbing throughout the day! Thursday I came out in hot sweats and felt awful. Thankfully Mr B was home as I was fit for nothing and spent the majority of the day in bed! So he was on daddy duties!

Not sure how great this weeks Little Loves will be as really looking back it feels like I have not been up to much this week! without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


I have not been reading much this week. I have been reading with both G and H. G was given a new book The Secret Of Platform 13 which was the inspiration behind Harry Potter. She hasn’t started reading it just yet as she wants to finish Gangsta Granny. I think I may have to read it with her though! Apparently its good.


I watched Anne With An E last weekend. Now, there are so many mixed reviews about it, and how its nowhere near a comparison on the original {which is correct} But I watched it as if it was a new programme and I bloody loved it. I loved the way it delved into the past of Anne, Marilla and Matthew. I though it was rather dark, especially Annes background. I was rather thankful that Morgana sent me a review of the series before hand as I was expecting it to be ok for my 8 year old, but there were some parts that they covered that I wouldn’t of wanted her to watch. I on the other hand just loved it. I am hoping they make a second seasons {expect more on my For The Love of Linky}

I have started to watch 13 Reasons Why. I have to admit, I am struggling slightly with it. I have been told by so many people to carry on with it, so I will. I have downloaded them all from Netflix onto my iPad so I tend to watch them when I am waiting for school to finish.


Lots of rather loud children! I helped out on a school trip this week. I always offer as a parent helper.. This term G is learning about Romans, so the whole class went to the British Museum of London. It was a really good day. The whole class were really well behaved. The 2 hour coach journey didn’t do much for my head! 30 rather excited loud children left me with a very sore head!

Also heard this a lot this week.


I bought a few bits from Primark a few weeks ago. That blue embodied shirtdress that everyone now seems to be wearing. I loved it though and its perfect for summer. I also bought this white top. Again it has a gorgeous embroidery detail on it. I got quite a few comments when I wore it.

Lastly, which annoyingly I cannot find a picture, but will try and post one in instagram when I wear it! I saw, well actually H found it, a lovely Bardot top. I would not normally go for this style as it has quite a bit of skin on show and what with my problems with the sun, I like to cover up, but I couldn’t not get it. It has a teeny tiny flamingo print on it. So you know, I just had to get it!


Nothing to shout about {again!} Sorry! I did make a cup of tea in my new mug though! How amazing is this cup? My lovely friends bought it back from Singapore!

And lastly..

I have started a weekly Mini-Series called For The Love Of, I know a few people have read it and said they like the idea of it being a linky!  If you would like to share with me what you have been enjoying, next weeks topic is Blogs, just pick three Blogs your loving this month and write a brief description about it. I am always looking for new ones to watch so if you want to join in you can! The topics change weekly from Vlogs, Blogs, Instagram and TV.. If its your thing I would love to see you link up!

What ever your up to, have a wonderful weekend!

I am linking up with the ever so lovely Morgana over at her new blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  for this linky,

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