Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

Its been a busy week this week. I have managed to get out for at least a 3 mile walk every day and I feel so much better for it. My head is so clear when I arrive back and I feel so calm. I have been tracking all my mileage on my watch but had an unfortunate event when I accidentally deleted all my work outs when I transferred all my data over to my new phone! I stupidly didn’t back up the phone correctly and then deleted it all!! You live and learn!

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


G and H had their parents evening this week, so I read some lovely comments by their teachers. It was lovely to here such wonderful things about them and both are doing so well academically. I couldn’t be prouder.




Mr B has been working late’s this week so it was ample opportunity for me to watch what I wanted of an evening! The Replacement, which is so good and if you have not started it you really should. Broadchurch which again was another excellent episode.

I’ve been watching the new series of Nashville, and I am so so disappointed in this season. Im not going to give away any spoilers but its pretty sad and I don’t know whether I can carry on watching it!

I also “watched” Mr B prep our lounge for its renovation! We have completed upstairs {minus the hallway} and are now concentrating on downstairs and we can finally get painting. I have a clear image of what I want, modern, fresh and cosy. I’m so excited about the next few weeks to finally get some colour on the wall, and most importantly watching Mr B lay our flooring!


Normally I am pretty good with this section but I cant think of anything that has really stood out! I have been listening to the very taleted Lennon and Maisy who star in Nashville. I have mentioned them a few times on here and I could listen to them all day long. Maisy Stella sang a gorgeous rendition of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love, I cant share it as it has a spoiler in it! But I will leave you with this..


Trainers, I’ve made progress with my walking as I said before and I have really taken a liking to it. I need to get a new pair of trainers though as I think {well I know} mine are too small and I have been left with sore toes!

I also got dressed up on Saturday night. We were invited to a 40th birthday party. It was optional fancy dress and me being boring decided to opt out of dressing up, but I did where a lovely fuchsia dress I bought for my mums wedding a few years ago. I have to admit, I felt rather frumpy in it, which has sparked the incentive to really give this walking a good try. I was a bit self conscious if I am honest! But it was a lovely night and I drank way to much!



Last weekend we spent Saturday in the garden “making” it look pretty. Last October I planted so many bulbs. I literally scattered them around the garden and hoped for the best. I’m no gardener and I am still learning and this was a huge learning curve for me. I realised I maybe should of planted the bulbs in group and not just scattered them!! We had so many sprouting up here, there and everywhere! A trip to the garden centre for some new pots soon sorted it all out. Now I have lots of pots with lots of spring flowers! Its looking rather lovely. Cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can sit outside {with a shaded umbrella of course!} Also, how amazing is my new watering can?!?!?

Mr B also “made” a dash out to get me some hash browns to cure my hangover, which didn’t work, as I had to cook them myself!

And lastly..

Tonight I am at a charity quiz night. I am supporting a mum friend who is running the marathon in memory of her best friend. She has worked so hard and has raised an amazing amount of cash. I have made the wise decision not to drink as I went out last weekend and may of spent Sunday nursing a god awful hangover! I don’t want to be doing that again in a hurry!

Whatever your up too, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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