Pancakes, Night Outs, TV Rage | Little Love 7/52

Pancakes, Night Outs, TV Rage | Little Love 7/52

As this weeks closes, so does school! I am so pleased half term has finally arrived. H is so ready for it and to tell you the truth so am I. I am looking forward to not having to run around of a morning! So without too much waffling here is what I have been loving this week..


GoodFood magazine was out last week, so I picked it up on my shopping. I am looking forward to having a few baking afternoons next week! I also bought Hello! on the spur of the moment and read it whilst waiting for G and H to finish school, I may have secretly enjoyed it.


This week has been full of new TV! Making A Murderer {which has filled me with rage} I am 4 episodes in and I have never felt so angry over a TV programme. We also started Sons Of Anarchy which I know some fellow little lovers really enjoy.

Happy Valley {BBC} is also back. I loved the first series and I am so looking forward to seeing how this series pans out.

Lastly, this…


I have heard this a lot this week, I am not a huge fan of this kind of music, but this has stuck this week and I do kind of like it.



I got all dressed up last Friday, for a night out with some friends. I put on heels and lippy. Its not often I go out, so when I do I like to make a bit of an effort.  It was a lovely evening, fully of chatter, gossip and laughter.

This week has been extra cold, so I have been making sure both G and H are wrapped up warm for the school run.


Pancakes!!! This week was pancake day and because Mr B would be in late we decided to have them for breakfast. Oh they were very yummy and G may of had a cheeky extra one. H wasn’t keen {how he doesn’t like pancakes I don’t know!!} I may of promised G that we could make another batch at the weekend.

‘And lastly..’

We have 2 parties this week! H has one to go to on Saturday and G will be attending one on Sunday. Next week is half term and other than a few playdates I have not organised anything as of yet. I think I will play it by ear. I am just looking forward to not being out of my pjs by 7.30 everyday!

Have a lovely week!

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