Operations, Crochet and Tears… Little Love 10/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

This week has been such a long week. H was in for his operation on Monday and its been pretty hellish since. Ive been relying on another mum to take Moo to school and although I still drive to pick her up I have to stay in the car as H cannot really go outside! Its been pretty stressful and I am hoping he starts to co-operate over the weekend as I am not sure how I will cope next week otherwise!

But without too much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week!


Not much.. I read a few leaflets at the hospital and a care notice that was given to me, but that really is it! Shocking!


I have been watching lots of cartoons this week! Its become quite tiresome, so I have cheekily switched over when possible!

I have caught up on all programmes, The Walking Dead is becoming quite tense and I am really intrigued to see where its going. I am gutted that Rick shaved his beard! *Sorry if you have not watched it yet* But he looks so much better with the beard!

I also watched GPs: Behind Closed Doors.. Its rather interesting and I do wonder why some people allow it to be shown! Some of the situations are quite sad..

I have also been catching up on my reality TV.. Towie and Taking New York which I am ashamed to admit I actually look forward to watching!


This week has been about two songs and one is recent and the other was released late last year but only recently have I heard it.. I always wished I could be like the cool kids 😉


Nothing interesting, I have been in slob gear all week.. I am rather excited to get my Solillas sandals out from the wardrobe! The weather is slowly changing and I seeing signs of spring! I cannot wait!!


I finally made it to the half way mark on my blanket at the weekend and although I am going to write a post up when I can get round to doing it I thought I would share a sneaky picture! I managed to tie the ends back n on this half so I won’t have the hassle of doing it when I finally finish!


This weekend I am attempting a cheesecake, no ordinary cheesecake mind! I am sure you have seen the Cream Egg cheesecake floating round on Facebook? Well I have all the ingredients ready to make! Will post up pictures once I am done!

‘And lastly..’


This week has been rubbish! Wednesday night I popped out to buy supplies for H and I got to the checkout and realised I left my credit card at home.. I could of cried right there and then! Its not been a good week for me and I am so glad all kinds of operations are over and done with. I can’t believe Both Moo and H have had to endure one in the last few months! It has been pretty emotional and by Thursday I had the hump, everything just got on top of me and I was fit to burst with tears.. I really hope the weekend is more relaxed and stress free!

Whatever you do I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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