I am so ready for the 3 day weekend! This week has been full on and I need a break from the mess that is my house! Its filled with dust and although I am constantly cleaning it just starts to reappear! I cannot wait for the electrics to be finished now {hopefully next week!} Enough of me moaning, I have been loving a few things this week!


Hopefully by the time this goes live I will have finished Strictly Between Us. I thoroughly enjoyed it and towards the end, my heart was actually beating against my chest with the suspense. It was definitely a really good read and I would highly recommend! Pop by next week to see what book I have started!


I can imagine this week all my fellow Little Lovers will be typing about the new series of Game Of Thrones, I am yet to fall into the series. I am not a fan! I have however caught up on all my programmes that were on my planner.

This week we decided to get rid of SKY! I am still a bit worried about how I will cope. We have opted instead to subscribe to NOWtv. Its actually looks really good and has loads of boxsets I can indulge myself with.

I watched this beautiful video from Katie over at mummydaddyme about her c-section experience. By the end I was blubbing. It was so lovely and  was such a personal thing to do. The music is just perfect for the video too. I am loving all the baby spam that is coming along with it too. How gorgeous is baby number 3?


Loads of drilling. This week has been pretty horrendous noise wise and I have literally locked myself away. I have not been able to block it out though!

My sister has set up a youtube channel for her crafting business and she used this song for one of the videos. Its one of my favourites and its nice to have a reminder not it. Oh I do love a bit of Train


Suncream! Oh yes. I have managed to get myself into a routine {more like I was told of by my consultant and thought I better get with it} I have been applying it everyday and I am so glad I have because the sun has been pretty warm when its been out! Obviously I have to be extra vigilant and I do worry myself rotten about being in the sun now. I am a worry wart and am still checking every single mole I have.


I made an effort with homework! So tedious link! H has homework which is due in on Tuesday and he has 3 parts to do. As usual I have left it till the last minute and last night I was rushing to complete one part! G has hers to do and its a silly points system which means she will ed up doing 3 parts as well! I never remember getting homework this young!

I am also going to attempt to make some cupcakes this weekend, stay tuned for the recipe and some pictures of the results on Instagram!

I also have been making the most of my time this week by crocheting my chevron blanket! I have started of the third colour and I simply love it!


‘And lastly..’

Mr B is in hospital today for a minor operation and I am pretty upset that I am only allowed to drop him off and wait at home till they call to say he is ready to be picked up! I am going to worry all morning till I get that call!

G and H are staying at my mums tonight which means Mr B can have an easy night recuperating! We have nothing planned over the bank holiday weekend but I am sure if Mr B feels up to it we may go out, we shall see!

Have a lovely weekend!

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