This week has flown by, I say it every week but it really has. The week started with my birthday and I was spoilt by Mr B and G and H. I received some lovely bits. Mr B treated me to lunch at Prezzo which was so nice, spending time with him is rare these days so it was nice to have a proper conversation without being interrupted! Without too much waffling about all things birthdays, here is what else I have been loving this week..



I have started a new book. I am hooked already and another mum at the school has raved about it. I saw it in Waterstones and popped it in my basket. I am really into the crime/thrillers at the moment and this one is definitely satisfying my needs in the suspense of the who-dunnit..




Ray Donavon is back! Im so pleased. I absolutely love this series and I indulged myself on Wednesday night. Liev Schreiber is rather easy on the eye which makes it even more worth the watch!


I also started watching The Five this week. I am so behind with the times as its already been aired but available on Sky boxsets. Its already got me hooked and I am only one episode down. Anyone else watching? There are a few familiar faces too!



Lots of chat from G and H about their new teachers at school. G has a male teacher which I think is lovely as its not often you get male teachers. I met him today {Thursday} and he seemed really nice. G has been talking about him a lot this week so he has left a really good impression on her. H has also been talking about his new teacher. He currently has a male and he has got the deputy head job which is fantastic but gutting as he won’t be teaching and he is so bloody good. I am so nervous about H going to Year One but again I met his teacher today and she seems really nice. She put me at ease and made me a little less nervous about the leap from reception to year one.


It was my birthday last week and my sister in law bought me the most amazing top. As most of you know I am ADDICTED to flamingos and I received this flamingo tee.. Totally in love with it it was really comfy and slouchy. Definitely has not curbed my obsession!


I also wore my new ripped jeans. I bought these from Dorothy Perkins and they really are the most comfiest pair of jeans I have ever owned {My new sandals too!}



I have been pretty bad this term with getting G to do her homework. I made the decision to ask for a little extension till Monday. Felt awful but it had to be done. I have no idea where this term has gone and its been a whirlwind for me. G’s teacher was lovely and said it was fine. I will be pushing G to do it this weekend!

I have also tried to “make” a conscious effort to update my Instagram. I can go for days without posting, but then add 10 posts in a few hours! I need to be more consistent.


‘And lastly..’

I am still looking at inspirational quotes every day. Ive not heard anything yet from the hospital so I am still a little edgy about it all still. I cannot wait to get in and have the mole off and find out exactly what it is. The waiting is killing me! Hopefully within the next few weeks I will hear!


Have a lovely weekend!

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  • Yay for Ray, we tuned in this week too. Easy on the eye he is. Sounds like you have things sorted with the next year at school. We found out Lol G’s last week too and are happy. Have a lovely week x

  • My girls have been having visits with their new teachers too. E is terribly excited as she gets to have one of N’s previous teachers.
    LOVE your top! Such a perfect birthday present.
    That quote is one of my favourite. I had it as my phone lock screen through a very difficult time and it sounds silly but it really did help.
    Hope you have a good week xx

  • I am terrible at Twitter and Facebook. I hardly ever post or even go on them!! I must make more of an effort. I love Instagram so am always on that! My husband gets a bit cross with me stopping every two minutes to take a photo of a bush!!
    Have a fab week.
    Carly @acupfullofglitter

    • I am not so bad at twitter and Facebook, I could be better. I have really slacked with Instagram though and thats my favourite!

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