Its S A T U R D A Y {I am day late!} which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone. I’ve been so so busy. I am quite relieved its the weekend! and a longer one too! What with being so busy I was actually feeling rather poorly towards the end of the week, hence the late Little Love post!

I’ve been loving lots this week, without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


I am speeding through Apple Tree Yard, thanks to the school runs. I tend to get to the school a little early so I get a parking space and it gives me time to wind down before the pick up! Because I watched the BBC drama, I feel like I already know whats coming. Definitely a good read though!



Mind Over Marathon {BBC} This programme was heartbreaking to watch. I think Mental Health is such an important issue and should be spoken about so much more. I suffer with depression and anxiety and this program has made me think it really should not be an area of health where we should hide it. My depression and anxiety was bought on by things I would rather not discuss on here, but I have sought help in the past and it worked wonders, I now know how to manage my feelings. My anxiety came back when I had my skin cancer diagnosis and I struggle to keep it under control sometimes. Its not as bad as some peoples but it shouldn’t be something we hide away from talking about.

The London Marathon {BBC} I found this so inspiring. I knew a few people who ran it this year and I tracked them on my tracker, willing them all on. Its amazing what your body can do if you push it hard enough. When each one crossed the line I felt a sense of achievement as I knew that each one had their reasons. I still get a bit teary thinking about how much everyone achieved.



I went into G and H’s school for a parent and child workshop this week. We get invited in each term to sit in on an hours lesson. I absolutely loved it and although H didn’t really do much in his lesson it was still lovely to join him. G was learning French! Its was amazing to hear all of the class resting French back to the teacher. I sat it awe at how quickly they picked it all up.


Uggs!! I know, how on earth can I go from having my ankles out to covering them back up in cosy boots! Its been so so cold and even had frost on my house roof! Unbelievable! I know some parts of the country had snow! SNOW!!

Have not worn them yet, but expect lots of Instagram pictures when I do, I bought myself some trousers this week, they are a thin slouch style pant and whats so amazing about them is, wait for it…. they are a flamingo print.. cannot wait for the warmer weather!



Flatpack furniture. I thought my days of building flatpack were over, but Mr B bought some office furniture and whilst he cleaned out the fish pond, I got building. I remember how much I hate it. The office is looking lovely though and although its technically a man room, I may have to squeeze myself in there every now and then!

We also made plans for our Centre Parcs holiday by booking in some rather exciting activities. We are on full countdown mode, and can’t wait to finally get there, its been over a year since we booked {we booked as soon as we got back from our last visit} and its been a very long wait!

And lastly..

We have no plans this weekend. Mr B is working Today and Tomorrow. Monday we may do something last minute. I am liking the fact we have nothing set in stone. Today though is a PJ and blogging day!

What ever your up to, have a wonderful weekend and have a very lovely bank holiday weekend!

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