Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

We have had another week of sickness. G was ill at the beginning of the week as was off for a few days. I am hating all the sickness going round. I am the only one who has managed to escape it! Fingers crossed it stays like that!

Without to much waffling, here are the little things I have been loving.

I have been a bit slack this week! I even struggled with blog reading too, which is so unlike me as I normally make time throughout the day to check in with my favourites.

Mr B and I have started the second season of Luther. We are really behind with the times with this programme so are catching up on Netflix. I really enjoyed the first season so had high hopes for the second. I was so freaked out with the first episode though I am yet to continue with it! Now don’t get me wrong, I can watch the odd scary programme, but this freaked me out! It was not even that scary!

I managed to catch up with Tyra Banks at the weekend. I am a sucker for America’s Next Top Model. So took an hour out on Saturday and snuck off to my bedroom and caught up with the new series. Definitely a huge guilty pleasure of mine!

I am still very much loving The XX. Ive been listening to them for most of the week. Definitely a new favourite for me.

How awful has the weather been this week?! I have been in my welly boots and rain coat for the best part of the week. Along with the rain, the wind has been pretty brutal. I am longing for Spring. Those slightly warmer days and the fact you can get away with not being able to wear a coat!

I’ve not picked up my crochet hook in so long. I started a blanket a few years ago {cannot believe its been that long!} and I managed to get back into the swing of crochet at the weekend. I forgot how much I missed it. I’m hoping I don’t leave it too long before picking up a hook again!

I made a shepherds pie this week too {or was it cottage?!} It went down really well. I had my mum and her husband for dinner. I have to admit, one of the best Ive made. Yesterday I also made a lasagne for tea. G and H refuse to eat it so I made it just for Mr B and I. Is anyone else’s child a really fussy eater?

I have a very busy weekend. The puppy is going in for a pamper so whilst she is in the parlour we have to go and buy G and H some new trainers. H has had a big growth spurt so he also needs some new trousers. I am then off out in the evening to a charity event with some friends. I’m really looking forward to it. I feel a little guilty though as its also our 11th wedding anniversary! I’ve persuaded Mr B to celebrate a day early so tonight we will be having cheeky take away!

What ever your up too, i hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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