I am a day late to linking up this week. Its been quite a week. I have not been feeling well this week, with a constant headache for the best part of it and tiredness, I have been in bed most evenings by 8pm. Yesterday was the first day that I woke feeling normal. Mr B was off, so we made the most of the last day of term by getting ourselves ready for G’s birthday that is coming up. We spent most of the morning in Toy shops looking for things she had ticked off in the catalogues!

I have been loving lots of things this week though, so without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


The week before last G and H’s school held a book fair so I had a wander round whilst they were in film club. I should of taken them both but they would of stood sanding there for ages deciding which book to get. I picked up the follow up to Julia Donaldson’s Zog.. Zog and The Flying Doctors. We are huge Julia Donaldson fans and we have enjoyed reading it at bedtime.


Who tuned in to Stand Up 2 Cancer last night? I watched bits of it as I find it really upsetting what families go through. I watched Tattoo Fixers which was a special episode in aid of the charity and I found myself getting upset at that! I did however watch Bear Grylls which was on a few weeks ago and I watched a short video of Marks story and it had me sobbing. I was crying so much I was shaking and Mr B had to give me a cuddle. It broke my heart that something so awful could rip through a family. Be warned, its very upsetting so have some tissues at the ready if you do watch it!

I have not really watched much else to be honest this week. I am halfway through the second episode of The Missing, so I need to catch up on that! I did watch Ordinary Lies which is back on and really enjoyed the first episode.


I heard this song the other day just as I was getting out of the car to drop of G and H at school. I had to do a quick google search as I had no clue who sang it and I was actually quite surprised when James Arthur’s name popped up. I actually am not a fan of him, I think he has serious issues when it comes to his personality, but I adore this song and its been played a lot this week


Mr B has taken all radiators off the wall due to the house being plastered and then painted. I have been so cold this week so I have been wearing lots of layers. The temperature has really dropped and we have come to the decision that the radiators need to be put back on. I am not sure how I have coped for so long!

I have been wearing my nice new slippers this week too, so my feet have been nice and toasty!


I didn’t do this intentionally, but I made H cry! Ok, there is a story behind it. This year H went into year one and with that a new NQT teacher started at the school. Now for reason I won’t go into, the teacher actually left. H has been asking after her for a few weeks and as we were told this week the outcome I though it best I let H know. I didn’t think he would react in the way he did and he sobbed his little heart out. Full on tears! I felt awful! He really wanted her to come back and teach and every day he has told me how much he missed her, I actually feel rather sorry for him.

And lastly..

Today I plan on painting the front of the house. We have had cladding put up and we have a space under the kitchen window that is a horrid cream colour. We will eventually get it rendered but for now we have settled on painting it. I bought the paint last week and because it isn’t supposed to rain for the weekend I am planning on getting that done.

We are also having dinner at the in-laws tomorrow. I do love a roast dinner when someone else cooks it!


Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. October 26, 2016 / 10:13 am

    I could’t bring myself to watch any of the stand up to cancer programmes. I think they are amazing at raising money, but it’s far too close to home for me. I’m not surprised you needed a cuddle afterwards.
    Hope all the home renovations are going well still and that you managed to paint the front of your house. xx

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