Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. I actually thought it was Thursday today! I would normally have this post scheduled but the week has literally flashed before my eyes and woke realising I had not prepared my post!

Its been a pretty chilled week with visits from family and building work towards the end. I am currently having new french doors put in today and I am so excited for the result! Without too much waffling here is what I have been loving this week!



Yesterday I was at the hospital for some treatment on my scar so it was ample opportunity to take my book and catch up. {The Darkest Secret} The clinic was actually running on time so I didn’t actually get to read it. Whilst I was their the nurse asked me what I thought of it and I had to think about it! To be honest I am not keen at the moment. Its not keeping me gripped as I thought it would



I started watching Shades Of Blue {Thanks K-A for the recommendation!} Its really good and I was two episodes in when Mr B said he had seen it advertised and thought he would like it! Typical! I am a big fan of police/corruption dramas so this looks likes its going to be a good one! I need to watch this weeks but I am finding it hard to wrestle the TV away from he kids!

Ages ago we started watching Sons Of Anarchy. I will be honest, I struggled with it so gave up, but Mr B carried on. He is obsessed with it and its all he ever talks about! I did catch the first episode of season four this week and was quite shocked that Jax had all his hair cut off! He looks so much better with it long! I have been catching snippets whilst the husband has it on of an evening, Im regretting giving up on it as it looks like its has got a lot better!




Apart from the bickering of G and H {its driven me to breaking point this week!} but with a conversation with them both and a better end of the week I have heard all but nice things from them!

I have heard a lot of drilling this week too! We have had some new windows put in at the back of the house and new french doors and its been rather noisy! Its looking really good and if you check in on my instagram later I am sure I will do a big reveal!!


Dust? I hate dust and its got to a point where its sticking to my clothes!! I have been wearing lobby gear towards the end of the week as it had just got too much!

G has finally got her wish to wear nail polish! Now its the six weeks I decided to let her. I find it pointless doing at weekends when she is at school as it only comes off again when its time for school again on Monday.


I didn’t {well I helped holding things up} but Mr B made this! Its a bit bare as we need to fill it with photos and nick-nacks!


He has worked his little socks off and its paid off! I am so so pleased with the outcome and can finally see our lounge coming together. We are now waiting for the plasterer which will be mid-september! I am sure by christmas our lounge WILL be complete!


‘And lastly..’

The past few weeks I have been house bound. Before the windows were fitted we had some brick work done and some new window placements put in, but the bricklayer did not correspond with the window company and left us really unsafe with just wooden boards! I have not been sleeping as I have been so paranoid about it and it was easily breakable! As of today my house will be secure! Yippee!

Tomorrow we are all going out as a family and going to the cinema! I am so looking forward to getting out as a four!

Have a lovely weekend!

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