Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and that’s a Little Love round-up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

One week down of the Easter holidays. Its gone pretty weekly so far. To be honest, we have not really don’t anything this week. I had to work Tuesday from home and it didn’t go too well. Normally G and H are at school so I have a quiet few hours to concentrate, but I was completely out of my depth. Both G and H got a tad bored and ended up getting quite stressed!

We did have a really lovely 4 day weekend, we didn’t do anything much just spent it with family. I wasn’t overly well and ended up in bed very early both Saturday and Sunday. But on a whole it was a really enjoyable, carefree weekend.

Without too much waffling, here are the little things I have been loving.

I compiled a post of the books I have read this month if you want to have a read. You can find it here. I honestly thought I would of finished Good Me, Bad Me and started a new book this week. I am so so close to the end. It dropped a massive bombshell and I was literally blown away. So had to put it down as I was reeling from that! I will definitely have finished it by next week!

I would love some recommendations on books, I have two on my read pile at the moment and a whole long list of ones I want to get. But always open to new recommendations!

Last weekend in the midst of Easter, I watched Mr B fit our new hob and sink. Now this has been a long time coming. Those that follow me know I am having a kitchen refit. We are doing it all ourselves to save costs. Mr B has done a tremendous job already and I couldn’t love my kitchen anymore than I do right now. {still a long way off completion, we need to tile and paint!} Here is a sneaky peak. I may of washed up unnecessarily when the sink went it! Love the colour!


I’ve not watched much this week on TV. I did tune into Saturday Night Takeaway on Saturday. Dec did such a wonderful job presenting solo. I know Ant should never have done what he did, but I do miss them together.

I watch Coronation Street this week. My biggest guilty pleasure for sure! I am so pleased Phelan is finally loosing the grip and things are starting to unravel! Anyone else a secret Corrie fan?


It wouldn’t be the holidays if I didn’t hear any bickering. But there has been quite a bit. Mainly over the Xbox controls or what channel to watch on tv. It’s been an intense week for sibling conflict!

I know I shared this group recently but I am still very much loving The xx. Been listening to them so much recently

Nothing really to shout about. As we have been home most days, we have been relaxing in comfy clothes. I did just wear a t-shirt yesterday {obviously with trousers!} But I mean, no coat, arms out. It was really lovely and peaked at 16° a lovely change from the freezing temps of last week! I believe Spring has finally made an appearance!

We made the decision to add a few furry pets to the mummy hearts you household! Now I am not really fan, but they are rather cute and H is besotted with his! Constantly checking on him. G has promised to help clean them out and look after them. Will let you know how that goes! Meet Amber {G’s} and Oreo {H’s}

We have a busy few days. I have made sure we are actually doing bits this coming week. We have family coming over some days, visiting friends on others and generally trying to be a bit more active than last week! I am hoping to squeeze in a Cinema trip over the weekend too!

Whatever your up too, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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