Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. We are back to school this week. I haven’t bee too well this week. I’ve had a niggling headache all week and it finally got to the point where I needed to sleep it off yesterday. After I did the school run a shamefully got back into bed and may have slept the day away. I felt much better for it when I woke up though which made it seem worthwhile!

I’ve been loving lots of things this week though, is it just me but since we are now in March, their is a distinct smell of Spring in the air? I am loving all the spring flowers that are popping up! Daffodils are popping up all over my garden which tells me that Spring is most definitely approaching.

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


I started reading Apple Tree Yard. I am only a chapter in. It started of with a bang so I am looking forward to delving into it more.

I thought I would also share what G is reading. She has been going on about Gangsta Granny for months, so we picked it up for her in the supermarket the other week and she is making steady progress. She tends to read in bed to send her off to sleep!


I have watched a fair bit this week! The BBC have a new psychological thriller witched aired this week. The Replacement, it was actually really good and already I am hooked. If you missed it, its available on BBC iPlayer.

I also watched Broadchurch. I was so late to this programme and watched it in a hurry once the first season had finished. Philip Schofield was forever going on about it on This Morning and I remember the finale being so hyped up I realised I must of been missing something good. The episode on Monday night was amazing and so full of some superb actors. Cannot wait for next Monday so I can catch episode 2!

I also watched the new Line Of Duty trailer which looks amazing. I binged watched every episode I have been waiting for this season for what feels like forever!



Its taken me a while to warm to Ed’s new music. But I am loving this song. Been hearing it a lot lately.


I am handing this over to G and H. It was World Book Day yesterday and this is the first time since G and H have been at school that they have actually taken part! {the school for some reason didn’t join in!} I had a few issues with what they both wanted to be. G finally settled on Little Red Riding Hood and H was a Storm Trooper. Both looked adorable if I do say so {I am biased!}

I also rocked some Flamingo socks, I saw them whilst I did my shopping and just had to get them!



Pancakes! We are literally all pancaked out. Mr B made some after dinner on Monday night as he was working Tuesday. I bought some for breakfast for Tuesday and G had some for after lunch at school! I’ve decided I wont want to see another one for at least a week or two!

I also made another batch of Flapjack. Which came out better than my first attempt. Again it didn’t last long!


And lastly..

This weekend I am off to a 40th Birthday party. One of my mum friends is having a party and we have all been invited along. I am actually really looking forward to going out instead of watching rubbish Saturday night TV!

Also, a huge thank you for all your lovely comments about my results! They all mean a lot and I am still so blessed by the news!

Whatever your up too, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  • We’ve had a lot of rain this week, but even despite that, I’ve also been experiencing that spring feeling. I’m loving all the daffs popping up everyone and seeing spring images across social media. Winter was getting all too much for me so happily welcoming these little things.

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week (minus the headache). I love the World Book Day costumes. I can’t stop listening to Shape of You – I’m not much of a music person, but I make an exception for Ed Sheeran.

    Enjoy the party and have a wonderful weekend!
    Jade @ Captured By Jade recently posted…Little Loves | Baking, Books and Disney VlogsMy Profile

    • Thank you, Im just wishing for some spring temperatures now! These cold snaps are really not nice! xx

  • Going back to bed and sleeping off your headache sounded like the best idea. I’m full of cold and would have loved to do that most days this week but my two are far too young for me to do that. Love your two’s world book day costumes.

  • Love the World Book Day costumes, great choices! I absolutely love that Ed Sheeran track, it’s so catchy. Haven’t listened to his album yet though…..Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Those socks are ace! I love fun socks. World Book day costumes are amazing. lol I love daffodils too. Wish march would have brought more spring to us. lol Hope you have had a lovely weekend #littleloves

    • G is loving Gangsta Granny, she is also reading Mr Stink at school during quiet time. She loves them xx

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