Cath Kidston, Netflix, Girly Nights | Little Loves 6/52

Cath Kidston, Netflix, Girly Nights | Little Loves 6/52

I cannot quite believe I am sat typing another little Love. Its been a great week and I am rather pleased its Friday so I can chill this weekend. We have nothing planned as Mr B is at work both Saturday and Sunday, so I am going to make the most of relaxing and watching lots of films on Netflix with G and H! Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


Can we skip this bit? I have been terrible lately with reading..


We finally got round to watching Legend at the weekend.. At long last. I loved it. Definitely one to watch if you have not seen it already.

We subscribed to Netflix {finally} this week too, and I have been flicking through and marking all the programmes I want to watch! I cannot wait to make a start!


Two songs stand out this week.. I watched this video below for the first time yesterday and it is pretty cheesy, but the song is a rather lovely.

Next up, we have this one and I have been playing it LOADS.. Love it and its not one a will tire of anytime soon.


Technically I have not worn this, I will do {over my shoulder} I am a big Cath Kidtson fan and I already have the Polka Dot version, but I literally fell in love with this new bird pattern! I may of got the purse to match too.. Definitely a big love this week.



I {or should I say me and G} made a chocolate house for her homework. It was our interpretation on a gingerbread house as she has been studying fairytales this term. I really don’t know why I get myself in a tiz over things, it literally sent me over the edge last night and it was all my fault, leaving it to the last minute. I didn’t want her to take it in early as it would of just sat in her classroom which is the perfect opportunity for it to melt, so I wanted her to take it in the day it was due {today} so last night was a bit manic. I had an image in my head of what I thought it would look like and it turned out completely different! Gah..

‘And lastly..’

I am off out with some of the mums from G’s class tonight and I am rather looking forward to it. I am looking forward to having a few drinks and enjoying a nice curry! I have been eating far too many curry’s of late so this is going to be the last one in a while {she says}

Have a lovely week!

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