This week has flown by! I cannot believe I am sat here typing up this weeks Little Love post! We have had sickness, last minute attempts at homework and the most awful week weather wise, but I have been loving quite a lot, so without too much waffling here is this weeks Little Loves


I finished The Kind Worth Killing this week and although I really enjoyed it, I was so frustrated with the ending. It just ended and I felt like I still should have had at least another chapter to tie it all up. I have blogged about my most recent reads and you can also find out what else I though about the books I have been indulging in.

I have started in a new book Behind Closed Doors. I am literally just pages in, so next week I am sure I will be able to fill you in on how I am finding it.


I have so much on my planner! I am behind on most things. One of my favourite programmes is back The Great British Sewing Bee {BBC2} I have still yet to watch it though. I have loved serious seasons and I cannot wait to indulge myself in this new series!


Marcella concluded this week and I was hooked through the whole double episode. I am hoping they come back for a second season as they left it open for her to come back. I was hoping for some kind of twist but I enjoyed the series and can see the potential for a second.

I never watch Eastenders, but decided to watch the episode that sent Peggy Mitchell to her grave. I was actually really cross at the episode and felt they could of done so much better. Maybe its why I don’t watch it normally, I found the whole episode really bizarre. I won’t be tuning in, in future!


I heard last week that Nashville has been axed!! I was so shocked I was on to Mogana to see if she also had heard and she was just as shocked as me. I found Nashville through this little link-up and I really enjoyed it. Thoroughly disappointed that it won’t be coming back.

I know a lot of my fellow Little Lovers had this on their Little Loves post last week. I have been listening to it non-stop this week! Definitely a summer tune!


I have taken a break this week from curly hair, I think I overdid it last week and I could see it going a bit frizzy from all the heat!! I have not worn anything in particular that stands out.

H had a dress up day this week. This term is all about “what I want to be when I grow up” he decided to go as a Fireman. I felt awful when I rocked up at school and forgot about it! I quickly went home and returned with his outfit! Bad mum!


I have had a real blogging block recently and I just didn’t feel like blogging. On Sunday I decided to spritz up my little corner of the internet to get me back into the swing of things. I am loving the new look and I pretty proud of myself that I have made it look like it has!

I made meatballs again this week! Its currently a favourite in our house. G and H seem to be loving it, so I am continuing with cooking it {until they get bored!}

13138754_972303159531962_5797148545356017956_n‘And lastly..’

Tomorrow we are celebrating my father in laws birthday. I am so looking forward to the get together. We hope a karaoke machine every year and order in a curry. We drink lots, sing {sort of} lots and enjoy each others company!

Have a lovely weekend!

I am linking up with the ever so lovely Morgana over at her new blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  for this linky,

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    • Thanks Morgana, I am really loving the new design! I have been searching furiously online to see if any other network has picked up Nashville! Doesn’t look good.

  • I hear you when it comes to Peggy. I don’t what I was expecting from an old lady taking her own life but it certainly wasn’t ‘Paaaatt’ rocking up in her finery, and Grant sweeping in and out!! Back to being a non soapy for me!

    • Haha! I won’t be tuning back in! I was curious as to how she would go. I used to watch it all the time but it got silly in the end, same old, same old..

    • I cannot wait to watch the sewing bee! Didn’t even realise it had started till I saw it on catch-up!

  • Loving your blog design – you’ve done a great job! Hope your inspiration returns soon 🙂 Bloggers block is the worst! We had meatballs this week too and my 4 year old really enjoyed them. Instead, we’re making home-made burgers next week which I know he’ll love too x

    • Thank you, it’s been nice to have a refresh and I’m pretty pleased with it! Homemade burgers! Yum!

  • So many people seem to be saying how busy they have been recently, it has been the same here. It does mean that blogging takes a back seat, which makes me a bit sad, because I love it. I think a whirring brain makes it harder to sit down and write or take pretty pictures. Particularly when you’re frantically trying to catch up on life with dirty hair
    scraped into a bun, staring at your screen in an untidy house without a scrap of make-up on (my current state). I hope your blogging block lifts super quickly for you!! xxx

  • I love your new look blog. It’s good to chnage things around every once in a while. Everything oves so quickly these days it is easy to become dated. I am devasted about Nashville, I have been a big fan from the start. Luckily I have bee able to watch this last series on TG4 (from Ireland) as I was absolutely horrified channel 4 were not going to show it, and Sky was.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.
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