Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

We are back in a routine and although both G and H have only been back at school for 4 days, the tiredness has kicked in. Luckily the bedtime routine has been a breeze this week as both have been shattered after long days learning! I cannot believe we are back starting a new year. The six weeks flew by. I have been really busy this week and making the most of the quiet in the house during the day! Its been rather lovely! But I won’t lie, I have missed G and H being at home.

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove



I am loving Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland. I’m really really enjoying it and I think by next week I will have finished it. I tend to get to the school a little early at pick up so I can have 15 minutes to read with a tea. If you have not read it I would highly recommend. It reminds me a bit like Giovanna Fletchers writing. I really don’t want to rush and finish it too soon.



I have not watched anything that stands out this week. I’ve Doctor Foster I need to watch but just have not had the time to catch up with it. I have however watched Bear Grylls Celebrity Island which I am really enjoying. Although I do find its the same all the time, the first few episodes they really struggle and then on the last one they pull together and manage to work out island life!

I watched Charlottes announcement over on Youtube. It was so cute and I loved that she got Bill and Daisy involved. Such a lovely announcement video and I cannot wait to follow this journey with her.



I have been a fan of P!NK for as long as I can remember. I love her new song and have been listening to it quite a lot this week. Its been playing on the radio when I am out and about in the car. Did you also hear her speech last week?



I made an effort in actually taking a photo of what I wore this week! I dress like a mum and feel most comfortable in mum clothes. T-Shirt, Jeans and easy flats! I’m making the most of the last bit of the sunshine by keeping my feet out for as long as possible! I am most comfortable in jeans.



We had to make the trip TWICE to the car garage. We got our car Serviced last week and we needed to repair a puncture. No big deal. We got it repaired and went on our way. Yesterday I heard a funny noise whilst I went to pick G and H up. It sounded as though something was caught on the wheel, like a sticky tape. I got home and checked and it was a huge great big BOLT! Lucky I noticed it as it could of blown the tyre! Mr B had to make a mad dash to get the tyre replaced this time!

I also made the trip to the hairdresser. Its been a long time coming and I finally chopped of all my longish locks. I find, if I have short hair I make an effort more. I have gone for a short bob, chin length and finally got rid of the grey and gone for a purple/red. Its amazing what a hair cut can do, I feel so much better about myself!



We have a very chilled weekend. No plans apart from dinner at my in-laws on Sunday. Mr B is working all weekend so a relaxing Saturday is in order to get over the chaos of the first week back!


What ever your up to, have a wonderful weekend!

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