Last week I received a Vremi Whistling Kettle. I have had one whistling kettle before, but it was mains powered so I was looking forward to actually using this on the hob. Nothing beats the distinct sound of a musical steam whistle coming from a tea kettle when water reaches its boiling point The kettle was packaged really well in a thick sturdy box. It is finished to high standard with high quality materials. Durable stainless steel body measures 19.05 x 25.4 cm and comes with a heat resistant nylon handle.

The colour of this item is really vibrant, and eye catching and looks really stylish. Its a shame the brand doesn’t do it in multiple different colours. The handle is very easy to hold and the mechanism to open the spout is really easy to use and prevents from burning your fingers. The whistle itself is loud which is ideal. I found that the the kettle is very versatile. The one thing I really like about is it can be used in the home or taken with you when camping.



The kettle is fairly compact holding up to 1.9 litres but for safety’s sake I would not fill right up, I would leave a little space. It has an easy one touch pouring system. It recommend that you hand wash item only. I have managed to get quite a bit of use from this product already and I am really loving it. 

With the kettle I was also sent some Vremi Silicone Ice Cube Trays. Now, I hate ice cube trays as they tend to get knocked over in the freezer and I end up having ice cubes loose at the bottom of my freezer draw. I was really pleasantly surprised when these trays arrived though. THEY HAVE A LIDS!!


the set includes 2 ice cube trays in green and blue that each makes 21 ice cube. Most importantly they both comes with lids. Because of this they are also ideal for many other purposes. Each ice cube tray can also be used to make fruit ice cubes, peanut butter cups, mini coffee cubes or even pureed baby food. The one thing I really like about these trays {not just the lids} is, you can easily remove ice cubes from the flexible silicone trays by simply pushing up from the bottom and release into pitcher or drinking glass

Each tray measures 27 x 13.1 x 3.45 cm and makes 3.30 cm square cubes. BPA-free, non toxic, freezer, and dishwasher safe

I am definitely a huge fan of these ice cube trays.

Would you like to win both these products? Enter below!

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