keep children healthy this winter with these handy tips

Winter may have only just begun, but I’m sure that you will have already noticed the sharp drop in temperatures that we’ve been experiencing lately. All that bad weather means one thing – we are now very much in the middle of colds and flu season! This isn’t such a big deal for most people as many healthy adults can just shrug a cold off. However, once you have kids then dealing with a cold or the flu in the family can be a very big deal. Kids can really suffer with these types of illnesses, and once one starts sniffing and sneezing, you can be sure that the cold will swiftly pass through the family.

So, there’s no wonder that all parents try everything within their powers to keep their kids healthy through the winter. To help you with your efforts, here are a few quick tips that should help to boost your children’s immune systems this winter.

Encourage Them To Drink Plenty

First of all, it’s important to try to keep their liquid levels up as much as possible. The immune system will need plenty of water for it to function correctly so that it is always at its best to fight off potential threats from germs and bacteria. Not only that, though, but drinking plenty can help the body flush out any harmful toxins. If your children refuse to drink plain water, then you can offer them some wake diluted squash. It’s best to limit fruit juices, though, as they can contain a lot of sugar. Try not to give them any carbonated drinks as they contain excessive levels of caffeine and sugar.

Wash Hands Frequently

It is always necessary for your children to wash their hands after visiting the toilet. This becomes even more important during the winter when there are more germs and bacteria that could be spread about! It’s worth increasing the times you get your children to wash their hands through the winter, especially just before they eat. However, don’t get them to use any antibacterial soaps as these will be quite harsh and could dry the skin out. Instead, they should use some gentle soap that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Wrap Up Warm Outside

We all know that wrapping up warm to go outside can help beat a cold, but why exactly is that? This is because the immune system isn’t quite as strong and effective as it should be when the body is cold. So, if your children come into contact with any germs or bacteria, they will be a lot more likely to develop a cold or the flu. So, before you do leave the house for the school run or on a day out somewhere, make sure they each have a big winter coat on along with a hat, scarf, and a pair of gloves.

Stick To Early Bedtimes

Did you know that getting enough sleep is a proven way for the body to fight off infection and illness a lot better? This is probably the reason why we get so tired when we fall ill – our bodies just want to sleep so that the immune system can get to work! So, it’s a good idea to try to stick to your children’s early bedtimes as often as you can. This should be easy through the week when they have school the next day. However, getting them to bed at a reasonable time at the weekends might be a bit more trickier…

Get The Flu Vaccine

Of course, there is no better way to protect yourself and your family from the nasty flu than by getting flu vaccinations. You can buy ones online, like the one in the previous link, or you could just book an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will then be able to administer the shot for you. There is also a flu nasal spray for very young children. Instead of them getting the injection, they will instead have the nasal spray sprayed into their nose for the same effects.

Give Them A Daily Multivitamin

It’s also worth giving your kids a daily multivitamin. The body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to stay fit and healthy, and this is especially the case in the winter when the threat of colds and the flu looms large. It can also be difficult to get all of the right vitamins and minerals in the diet during the winter as there are fewer fresh fruit for sale as they are out of season. So, to get around this problem, you just need to give them a daily multivitamin supplement. This should give them all the vitamins that they need to fight off any threats from colds and the flu.

Reduce Their Sugar Intake

Following a healthy diet will help your children’s immune system stay strong throughout the winter, no matter what kind of threats may come its way. Part of following a healthy diet is trying to limit the amount of sugar in it. Sure, it’s ok for your little ones to enjoy a little sweet treat every now and then, but this shouldn’t become too much of a habit. Sugar has been proven to increase inflammation in the body, which can reduce health and increase the symptoms of colds and the flu. So, try to cut out sugar as much as possible from their diet, especially now that it is cold season.

Cook With Plenty Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

In order to get as many vitamins into your diet as possible through the winter, you should cook with plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. In fact, cooking from scratch will do wonders for your children’s immune system and will provide them with plenty of necessary nutrients. Plus, the meals you cook won’t feature any hidden sugars or fats as most processed ingredients and convenience foods do.

Hopefully, all of these tips help you protect your little ones and keep them fit and healthy this winter!



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