how to have time to yourself as a parent

Being a parent is an incredibly demanding job. It is important that you are able to find time for yourself from time-to-time so that you can look after yourself, have some fun and relax. In addition to being important for your wellbeing, this also means that you can have the focus and patience to be a good parent. Although it is important to have some time out occasionally, it can also be hard to make the time for this as you will need to find someone to watch the kids for a short while. Here are a few ways that you can have time to yourself as a parent:


Exercise is a great way to have time for yourself because it has so many physical and mental health benefits. Going out for a run, cycling, swimming, going to the gym or even doing yoga at home are all excellent ways to enjoy some time to yourself while getting into good shape. 

Make Plans For The Kids


Often, the best way to enjoy time to yourself is not by making your own plans but by making plans for the kids. You could plan for them to spend the day with other members of the family or take them round to their friends’ houses. This then allows you to have the day on your own where you can do anything you like whether this is going out with your own friends or simply enjoying peace and quiet at home (a real rarity)

Get Tickets To A Show

Another great way to get away for the evening is to book yourself tickets to a show and to find someone to watch the kids or use a babysitter. When you are a parent, you do not get much chance to enjoy culture as you will often have to watch/listen to what your kids want which means that music, art, theatre, film and other types of culture go out the window. Getting tickets to a show, such as a musical, will allow you to reconnect with culture and enjoy the arts. It is easy enough to find the best cheap musical tickets London online, and this can be a fantastic way to enjoy some culture and time to yourself.

Get Up Earlier/Stay Up Later

For many parents, finding time to be by yourself is next to impossible. In this case, getting up earlier is a good option because it means that you do not have to find someone to look after the kids.  Additionally, there is something nice about getting up before anyone else and enjoying this very peaceful time of the day. You could spend this time reading, watching TV, meditating or simply sitting peacefully. Alternatively, you could stay up later and spend this time how you wish (just make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night).

Every parent needs to be able to enjoy time to themselves occasionally to recharge their batteries and pursue their own interests. It can be challenging to find this time especially if you are a single parent, but there are always options, and these are just a few methods for finding some “me time” when you have kids to care for.


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