hello november

How are we 11 months in to the year already? I mean I have literally blinked and we are fast approaching the end of the year! Its madness really at how quickly time goes by. I have read a few blog posts lately rounding up what the month ahead has in store. I like the idea of documenting the things that we are looking forward to as a family. So this is what November has in store for us.


We have a very important birthday this month. My eldest has reached double digits. I mean how is that even possible? Ten! I am still getting my head round it because I have literally blinked and I have a mini-teen in front of me. We have some lovely things planned. A family get together as its also my nieces birthday 2 days before Gracie’s. We are also taking Gracie and two of her friends out for a little shopping trip after school and some dinner. She is really looking forward to it. Counting down the days as I type!


We have two fire work events to go to this year. One as I said above is a family event. Because Gracie and her cousin are born either side of firework night we always try and have some kind of display where ever we are celebrating. This year we are at my sister in laws. I will be honest, I love a good fire work display, when they are on at a reasonable hour bearing in mind! The second display we are going to is a get together with my work colleagues. Its my first outing with all the ladies I work with and is a family affair. I am really looking froward to going and spending time with everyone not in a work environment.

Work Parties

I have a Christmas party this month. Its actually at the end of the month. It feels weird to say I have a work party to attend to as I have not attended one in about 10 years! Its something I am really looking forward to, like I said above, it will be nice to socialise with everyone on a different level. I don’t really go out out much so its nice to be having to plan something. We are heading to a manor house for a sit-down meal and drinks. There maybe a spot of dancing too!

Smooth Walls

As my regular readers will know, we are currently renovating our kitchen. Its taken a long time to get round to finishing it. We have finally booked in our plasterer who is coming next week to give us smooth walls. We currently have artex all over our walls in the kitchen and hallway. I cannot wait to come home next week and finally have smooth walls. Its been such a long drawn out process but I can finally see an end to the renovation work. Also it means I get to order my kitchen table! Oh the excitement!!

Are you looking forward to anything this month? I would love to know?


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