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Happy New year! I am feeling really positive about 2019. I’ve so many things I am looking forward to already.  I am excited about what 2019 has to offer. We have quite a bit to look forward to this month and already our diaries are filling up with plans. Here is what January has in store for us

Young Voices Concert

Gracie and Henry signed up to the choir last term. It comes with its advantages, time out of class {according to Gracie!} Last term they sang at various places with the build up to Christmas and this year they have a pretty big concert to attend. The O2 host a young voices concert. Lots of schools get involved and apparently its a really good show! Its booked fro the end of the month and I am really looking forward to it. Gracie and Henry get to sing at the O2 and we get to watch!

12 Years

This month we celebrate 12 years marriage. Its been such a wonderful 12 years. Cant quite believe what we have achieved to be honest! We were given a Cinema voucher for Christmas so we may have a little date night the weekend before. The young Voices coincides with it so we are going to head out for a meal before hand and make an afternoon of it.


I’m heading to Parliament this month! I have a big work meeting and I am really really excited about it. I adore London, I don’t go as much as I would like, but when I am there I bask in it. London is such a beautiful city. Its a pretty big meeting for the company I work for. Some very exciting times ahead!


As part of my goals for this year I have said I want to improve my fitness. This means setting myself a goal that I have to achieve. At the end of January I will be signing up to walk 27 miles for charity. I’m going to be taking part in the Shine Walk this September for Cancer Research {I’ve decided to choose Skin Cancer for my nominated cancer charity}. I am so excited about it. I already have a schedule set up for my walking days and at the moment feeling really enthusiastic about it! I’ve purpose to do this and I wasn’t to raise awareness along the way.

Are you looking forward to anything this month? I would love to know?


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