hello February

I wanted this post up on the first day of the month but I will be honest, I complete forgot too schedule one. Its going up four days into it. January was a really long month and one I didn’t think would end. I am embracing February with open arms as I never thought it would show. Its only as I have got older have I realised just how slow January passes. I never really thought about it before. February is quite a slow month here, we don’t have much planned in the diary but I am looking forward to a few things, here is what this month has in store for us.

new hobs

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that before Christmas I smashed my very new Neff induction hob. I was gutted and pretty upset over the fact that I had only had it a few months. What with that the kitchen wasn’t even complete at the time. This month we have a super special delivery of a new induction hob arriving. Both James and myself agreed we would order it once the kitchen was complete as we didn’t want any more accidents. So hopefully by the end of February, it will be installed!

Half Term

I am counting down the weeks and days till half term. I have actually booked the week off work so I don’t have to worry about childcare. It couldn’t come quick enough if I am honest. Work is getting really busy and Gracie and Henry are slowing down and really wanting a break from school. A weekend is just not long enough apparently. I am looking forward to some slower paced days and just relaxing a bit. Life is pretty hectic at the moment!

new projects

As I said above, work has all of a sudden got really really busy. They have taken on new retail giant and its pretty full on at the moment. I am really enjoying it though and I am really excited to be apart of this new project and help along the way. I think February is going to be a busy busy month where work is concerned. Its exciting times and I cannot wait to throw myself into it.

Talent Shows

Gracie and Henrys school have decided to bring back their talent show they put on yearly. To be honest I always see talent shows as popularity contests, so I am not that keen. Gracie on the other hand has rally surprised me and said that she wants to participate. She wants to do a dance routine with her friend. I am fully supporting her, I just really hope it doesn’t knock her confidence. She has been practising her routine non-stop, a lot of time an effort has been put in, hoping it all pays off.


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