Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

Hello lovlies! What a wonderful week we have had. We spent time with our families and just generally had the most amazing christmas we could of wished for. Its gone far too quickly and as I type this I am surrounded by unopened boxes of toys still and copious amounts of chocolates and cakes still to get through! But we still have plenty of time to make our way through all of that. This week I have loved so much. Grab a cuppa and some cake {if you still have some left!} sit back and enjoy very festive bumper issue of Little Loves!

I have not read much this week, but I did get two books for Christmas! A while ago now, Morgana posted on Instagram about the new puffin special edition books which had the most gorgeous illustrated covers. One was my all time favourite; Anne Of Green Gables, which I quickly snapped up {actually my mum bought it for me} This Christmas I received another edition to the puffin range and it is The Little Princess. I absolutely loved this film as a child and I am so excited I got the book. The covers for both are just beautiful and I can not been happier to have them on my bedside table.

The second book I received was the illustrated version of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I am slowly building up my collection of these gorgeous books. You can never, ever tire of Harry Potter in my eyes. I could read them over and over.

Is it just me, but hasn’t Christmas TV been really poor this year? I have been quite shocked at the lack of good TV. With that in mind, I have not really watched too much. We did tune in to see Julia Donaldson’s BBC adaption of The Highway Rat. It was such a lovely adaption, one we all enjoyed. I also tuned in to watch the Queens Speech. Something I have never watched before, but after watching The Crown {which was so bloody good} I decided it was something I really wanted to see. It was actually a really lovely speech!

Something else I watched this week was obviously G and H opening up all their presents. It was so lovely to see. Father Christmas did really well this year and both G and H have been so very lucky.

I did finally manage to sit down and watch Moana! {I know I know! We are so behind with the times!!} I have to admit, I really was not that bothered about watching it, but I am so glad I did. Its such a wonderful film. G, Mr B and I thoroughly enjoyed it. H didn’t even give it a go!

Yesterday I caught up with Call The Midwife. I do love their Christmas specials and it didn’t disappoint. I really miss Chummy and Jenny Lee though, but they have managed to keep it going without them. This episode was heartbreaking, but uplifting too. If you have not caught it, its currently on BBC iPlayer.

A little voice asking if Santa had been. Bearing in mind this was at 12:11am! I really felt for H as he was so excited about Father Christmas he couldn’t sleep so had us all up! We did eventually go back to bed and ended up rising at 5:30! I have also heard lots of shrieking! Both G and H have been so excited this week!

Christmas pyjamas! We left it till Christmas Eve to buy them and its something I will never do again. It was so busy and just a little stressful to say the least. Im glad we got them though as we would of broken a big tradition if we didn’t. Both look rather lovely in them.

I also have been wearing my gorgeous ring I received. Mr B’s nan gave me some money and I have been eyeing up Pandora rings for some time now. I originally wanted a different one, but I saw this and instantly fell in love. Mr B put some money towards it as I didn’t have quite enough. Ive not taken it off since Christmas day and so glad I went with this design.

G got 6 boxes of Lego for Christmas!! Now she can do it herself, I leave her to it. I have to admit, I watch from the sides and twitch just a little, secretly hoping she will ask for help! Anyone else do that? G has managed two boxes so far. She built Stephanie’s house and is now making her way through the Heartlake Hospital box.

Tenious link, but we also have made so many lovely memories. We have spent time with family and its been so lovely to see everyone. Its been so wonderful to share and its been a wonderful Christmas, one I have enjoyed and one I will remember for a very long time.

We have a few very lazy days ahead of us. We don’t really celebrate New Years. I am one for waking up in the morning and wishing my nearest and dearest with a telephone call. I have never really liked the hype of it only for it to reach 12am and then all go to bed! Maybe its just me, being boring! But whatever your up too I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating and a big Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!


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