The Garden Makeover

**Lots and lots of photos!**

So we have one completed part of our house! We always spoke about what we would makeover first and it was always the same answer The Garden!

Moo and H have survived without one for so long we couldn’t tease them with looking out at concrete and nothing to play with much longer. So the weekend after we moved in the demolition of the garden began.

Its taken 2 months {ish} and I am so pleased with how it has fallen into place. I had my own idea of how I wanted it to be and the husband agreed, but that all fell out the window when we were in and settled. Other ideas cropped up and we have gone with something completely different to what I suggested! I was a bit wary at first but I am in love with it and although its small, it covers our needs, especially the children’s.

So to begin with, it was concrete, concrete beds, concrete shed, concrete slabs EVERYWHERE! It was such a task breaking it all up and levelling the garden out. There was quite a slant so we had lots of rubble to hide to bring it back up to a near enough level garden.

We would be out there day and early evening raking it over to make it as level as possible and we managed it quite nicely!

After all the concrete was near enough demolished, we put in two little brick walls at the front of the garden as you exit the patio doors {this was where I was wary, this was not in MY plan!} I did suggest they be open at the top and filled with dirt so they would become somewhere I could put some bedding plants. This was also a guide as to where we needed to level the garden too. We put bricks as boarders done the sides so we have somewhere to plant.

Our second major task was to demolish the brick built shed, so we bought a little wooden shed {which I lovingly painted, only for a few weeks later to realise we actually hated the colour!}  We transferred all the junk into it and started breaking down the old one. In its place we built a climbing frame which we promised Moo we would always buy once we had a garden and already, its had lots of use out of.

Next was the patio. We ordered a patio kit and once it arrived we realised that it didn’t quite look like it did online, it was the correct one but the colours didn’t look as light. Now its laid we love it and it really sets the garden off.

Originally we were going to seed the garden but it began to get so muddy we decided to buy turf {I got my way in the end!} We finally received the turf on Saturday and it was laid before the huge downpour in the afternoon.

We are hanging of planting till the spring and other than that, and the garden furniture we are done. We are having a planter by the shed and some hanging baskets to spruce up the back of the house. I cannot wait to till spring so it will come alive, but till then, here is how we did it in photos, from start to finish!


10645213_10152302819040069_6329144166987736075_n 10639584_10152302819115069_281205850250362535_n IMG_7416









IMG_7687 8

Demolishing the shed


IMG_7709The levelled garden…


The frame building in process


And the patio building commences



The patio step leading out to the garden


The finished patio {with our ugly looking shed which needs repainting!}


a little nook, to have a morning caffeine fix


Laying the turf {exciting stuff!}


The finished product…. I am really hoping the turf takes!

My husband is such a clever man, he has never, ever done any kind of landscaping work, but he has created such a lovely little space for us all, and I cannot wait to spend long summer days in it with my family…




  1. Carie
    October 15, 2014 / 3:41 pm

    It’s an incredible transformation – well done all of you and fingers crossed for some nice sunny autumn days to enjoy it!

  2. October 15, 2014 / 4:10 pm

    What an amazing transformation! All of the hard work has really paid of and it looks amazing! It must feel so great to have a proper garden at last. 🙂

    By the way I love your new blog design!

    • October 15, 2014 / 7:02 pm

      Thank you so much! I’ve had a little spruce up.. I get bored easily 😉

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