Last december in the throes of winter, I was knelt down in the garden planting. For the first time ever, I was able to plant winter bulbs ready to bloom in spring. I have waited so patiently for winter to end and spring to show us hope is in sight. Spring is is by far my favourite time of year and now I have my own garden its shown me how much I do love the season.

These past few weeks I have been at the back door, wiling for my tiny bulbs to start showing some form of life. Within a few days, I had signs of spring, tiny white snowdrops popping up around my garden. I adore new growth and I love that I get to see it grow. There is always a sense of achievement that I actually did something right and I managed to grow something from a bulb.

I didn’t just plant snow drops, I also planted the usual spring flowers. Daffodils, Dwarf Daffodils, Tulips, Dwarf Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus and a few other bulbs which were a surprise bundle. When we did our garden renovation we dug up a load of bulbs and kept them. I planted them last year so it will be nice to see what pops up. There is also new growth on my rose bush it is rather lovely as I didn’t think it would grow back.

Since moving into our house and getting the garden we have longed for, I have taken on gardening with so much enthusiasm. There are some bits of gardening I don’t enjoy like mowing the lawn. Trying to pick up the grass cuts that come from the trimmer is rather tedious. Others include picking up the leaves that fall and all the other mundane jobs that come with it.

I have found a passion for planting and seeing the end result. I cannot wait to see all my spring flowers in full bloom. With my snowdrops finally blooming we are most definitely seeing the first Signs Of Spring


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