This week see us finally coming to the end of the huge task that was our house-rewire. It was a big job and something we were dreading. But now its finally coming to an end it brings excitement of what we can start and how we are going to tackle the renovation of our home.

Our first priority is the lounge. We really want to do the children’s bedrooms too but I think as the lounge is a pretty big job we have decided thats what we tackle first. We have grand ideas and the more we talk about it the more excited we get.

The previous owners put an extension on the back of the existing lounge so its quite a big area and in the summer, its really bright and airy, the reason for this is we have two rather large VELUX windows that were put in. The sun which we are lucky to have at the back of the house throughout the day, bursts through the windows and creates quite some heat on a hot summers day.

Recently I noticed that we could actually get blinds for our VELUX windows rather than curtains for our windows that run across the back. This is something I like the idea of. I have seen some rather lovely looking blinds and could really see myself putting some up to keep the summer sun from burning through.

VELUX have a huge range of blinds to fit their windows that come in array of styles, colours and designs. You are definitely spoilt for choice with a huge range to choose from. I particularly like the Pleated Blind. It would fit with our clean living that we aim to create.

I know that these blinds will definitely give me the edge I want for my lounge. I have definitely been given a different option to bog standard curtains which I am pleased about as I like to have lots of options to explore. VELUX blinds will be a big contender when we do finally get round to decorating!

Would this be something you would consider?



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