what are the vital underpinnings of the family home?

A family home can be many things. It can be a place for you to express your love, a place for you to feel the most safe, a place for you to experiment with all manner of creative pursuits such as those in the kitchen, and a place to invite your nearest and dearest. A person’s home is their castle, after all. But homes can take on different characters depending on how they are treated. A family will likely treat a home much differently to two bachelors, for example.

It can be both instructive, exciting and rewarding to consider the vital underpinnings of the family home. Not only can it help you plan out how you might like yours to look in advance, but it can also help you reflect on the decisions you have made thus far, and add changes where necessary. No matter if you’re moving into a family home for the first time that you can finally call your own, you are taking the first steps to potentially getting there, or you are renovating and wish to hit all the points correctly this time, you might find some worthwhile advice in our following words:


It will likely sound extremely obvious, but perhaps the first option you should ever consider when moving into a family home, past unpacking all of your belongings, is ensuring the home is child-safe. You might have some time to do this if your child is still an infant, but as they begin to crawl and even walk, you’re going to have to think about this all the time. Children are natural explorers, with an impressive ability to put themselves in danger’s way. This emphasizes that no matter how safe you think your home is, there’s always something they’ll find to prove you wrong.


Installing a child safety gate at the bottom and top of the stairs is important. Placing plug socket covers inside can prevent them from messing with the open socket holes. You can even place locked protective covers over the entire unit if you wish to go for full safety. You may decide to implement foam corner covers on your coffee table or dining table, because the wooden points are often head-height, not good for someone just learning to walk around the place.

Child safety can also come in the little observances. Your book shelf might look wonderful, but might seem like the world’s best climbing frame to a toddler. Your fireplace might be beautiful and authentic, but a fire guard jutting out a few feet in front of that can protect your child from inspecting a little too closely. Ensuring doors are closed at night can prevent a cat from jumping in your child’s cot. You may even decide to switch up your purchasing habits. For example, choosing non-toxic cleaners or switching your own showering options to more sensitive-skin treatments can help you avoid irritating their skin through your contact or their environment.

The long-term approach also works here. Odds are, sooner or later your children are going to want to play in the garden. Without secure privacy fencing and solid locks, that could be a dangerous pursuit. Simply ensuring the home is secure is a child-safety measure of its own. Without any of this, your home hasn’t be tailored for the children, and it should be as far as safety is concerned.

Furniture You’re Proud Of

Perhaps one of the main differences between living in a rented property and living in your own home is that things take on a sense of permanence. The threat of having to move out or life plans coming to sweep you away has largely gone, and now stability and roots are the name of the game. This gives you the chance to purchase more designer or better-quality furniture options within the realm of your tastes, and this can be a wonderful experience for most people. Finding furniture you’re proud of not only looks nice in your home, but can also simply be a fun shopping or browsing experience.

No matter if you’re looking for beautiful antiques, excellent stable fixtures such as a range of leather sofas, or you’re hoping to purchase that beautiful, large rug to emphasize the floorboards, tile or carpet in your room, thinking with the long-term mindset can help you make choices that count. For example, a large table dresser in your bedroom is probably going to be with you for years, maybe even decades. You might paint it a few times, varnish it frequently, or even have it completely reupholstered when it starts to take on age. This builds the character of the piece, and almost becomes an invisible member of the family over time. Who knows, you may even pass it down to your children one day.

Don’t skimp on the furniture. It can make a house a home.

Pure Comfort

Your home is the place where you can most indulge in comfort. Without this, your home is a sterile, odd place, akin to a hotel room – nice, but you can never truly, truly relax and feel like it’s your space. Pure comfort is found in the small measures. A nice, large knitted throw over your sofa, or perhaps thick carpet implemented in your living room, or perhaps putting up shelves for your conserves and cooking ingredients to be displayed proudly, or perhaps beautiful cushions adorning your sofas. People take comfort in different things, but what matters is that you recognize the feeling when it’s present, and make your home flourish as a result.

If you’re having trouble implementing this, it’s sometimes best to think sensually. Consider how smells such as incense or continual air fresheners can help your home feel inviting and light, or how mood lighting can set the ambiance when watching Netflix in the evening. Finally, ensure the master bedroom is perfect. Not good, not great, perfect. Or your definition of perfect. The life of a parent is fraught with responsibilities, and you can tire yourself out without a fantastic sleep. So be sure to invest in high quality bed sheets, a great mattress, and comforting pillows. You deserve it.

Celebrating The Family

If you don’t celebrate the family, your home might seem interchangeable between you and any other family on your street. It might be well designed, beautiful to look at, and even completely impress property valuation inspectors, but if there’s no imprint of you there, your job hasn’t been totally completed. Of course, while we’d like to recommend a ten foot oil painting residing in the front entrance corridor, that’s not feasible in the modern day. Well it could be, but that’s likely not to your tastes.

But a contributed-to family mural, photoshoot pictures of your family or beautifully framed prints of your wedding day could line the corridor or living room or mantlepiece. Each child’s bedroom should be less of a blank space and more an aesthetic explosion of color and their interests. For example, you might decide to allow your daughter a beautiful mermaid stencil around the skirting board of her room. She’ll likely love it, as the room will take on her personality completely. Celebrating the family truly means something, because it can help you continually remember just how lucky you are to occupy this space.

Great Food

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You don’t need to be a great chef to appreciate it. In fact, chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and a range of other famous British chefs notorious for having extremely high standards and earning three michelin stars have all released books celebrating just how important and formative their mother’s and father’s home cooking was.

Many of us can remember coming home from work, and being served simple home garlic bread, or toast, or a beautiful home pizza, or a simple pie. If food is an act of love, the family home is one of the best places to bond in the world. It doesn’t take much. A nice oven unit, ample space to craft your creations, and enough storage space for you to keep many ingredients on-hand.

This needn’t be overly expensive either. With a large freezer, enough pantry room and the willingness to store well, you can bulk buy ingredients and ensure that every meal is a beautiful and creative one to serve. But of course, simple pizza and chips should never be looked down upon, because great home food is sometimes a little indulgent.


Of course, this is the most obvious part of this list, but without it none of the above would work. Without love, a family home is just an empty shell. This means knowing that despite wanting your home to be perfect (despite what we said about the master bed,) you will never achieve this. And what is perfect anyway? Someone’s idea of overanalyzing. Instead, allow your home to feel lived in. Mark the heights of your children on the wall. Don’t be afraid of a little stain on the carpet from time to time, it happens when you have kids. And most importantly, be sure to have fun.

With these tips, your family home is sure to flourish.



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