Stylish interior design shouldn’t only be about adopting the latest trends and having the most contemporary pieces. Some of the most beautifully designed homes in the UK are famous for a much more old fashioned and classically elegant style. We’ve provided a unique post dedicated to achieving a look in your home that although may appear dated to the undiscerning visitor, will ooze classic charm and style like nowhere else in your neighbourhood.

For those of you who love a more classic style, below are 5 great interior design tips that you can adopt to achieve a more traditional and old fashioned feel in your home.

Look for inspiration and shop for pieces in vintage stores. It may surprise you that you can find smaller furniture items here as well. You can pick up items with a lot of history and character if you spend some time trawling through vintage stores. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to snag some great bargains. You’re unlikely to find larger pieces such as dining tables or tub chairs, but you can find some great smaller items as well as ornaments and decorative pieces.

Head to the antique stores as well for some great finds to help achieve the look you’re after. They do tend to be a bit more expensive so you should also check out local flea markets. You never know what you may find!

Look in your own attic and storage rooms to see if you can find pieces that may have been hiding there for years or passed down from previous generations. Some of your older friends or relatives may also own pieces that are less modern and will contribute to the old fashioned ambience you are trying to create.

Don’t be afraid to ask around to see if anyone is looking to donate any furniture or decorative items from another period. You’ll be surprised to find how often people are looking to declutter. Some people may just be looking to redecorate into a more modern style, which works well for you!

Wallpaper can definitely add a more old fashioned look if you choose the right one, as many people don’t use it anymore. Make sure you find one that doesn’t look dated in a cheesy way but just adds some old school charm.

To add further history and character to the walls, frame old black and white photos and hang these up on the walls. Again, you could ask your older relatives such as your grandparents if they have some photos from their younger days that they can share. These will really add to the character of a room and they’re also a meaningful addition to your life.

Black and white photos don’t necessarily have to be of people you know. You may find some great prints on your visit to the vintage stores that you fall in love with.

Darker furniture pieces tend to create a more regal and old fashioned atmosphere. Neutral colours or glass furniture pieces result in a much sleeker and more contemporary look. Look for dark items in different high-quality materials such as wooden chests and large leather chairs.

The colouring of the fabrics and textiles also needs to be on the darker side to create the look you’re after. For an old fashioned style, deeper and darker colours are more commonly used. Bright and light colours only started being commonly used in interior design much more recently.

Wooden pieces that are slightly worn or weathered looking will just add to the effect that you’re after. The rustic vibe suits a vintage theme well.

If you’re looking to create a more traditional vibe in your home decor, you can also do this by blending together pieces of an older style with more modern pieces. This can create a charming effect rather than going completely in one design direction. Make sure you place the pieces together beforehand to ensure that they look good together.

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