Two years ago we moved into our house and for those two years we have put up with the state of what it was. We did little jobs, like rip up the horrendous carpet which looked like someone had thrown up all over it, remove curtains and replace with blinds but nothing to major. The first summer we were in our house we over hauled the garden from a concrete haven to something we have always dreamed of. Last summer year we completed a bathroom makeover which is still my favourite room of the house. Its so bright and completely different to what it was. This year we are concentrating on the downstairs living space. The lounge!

This is a slow process and is yet to be completed, but for now I thought I would share with you what we have done. Our lounge is a bog standard rectangle but the previous owners had an extension put on the back so we have more of an L shaped lounge. We have always insisted that we would still keep the two rooms separate but together {if that makes any sense at all!} Basically I want the extension to be more of a sun room, with a single lounge chair so I can read or crochet and a side unit to hide away all the toys. I am adamant I do not want it as a play room! –  I have allowed it for two years and I am fed up of the mess it makes! I have allowed them to have some favourites in the side unit when we get it and they can always be switched around.

Back to my original post! We have a fire place which we always wanted to keep, but we wanted some kind of shelving around it as we wanted the TV to be up high to stop little fingers from poking it! We decided to get a quote from a rather large bedroom furniture supplier but it came in at silly money and we just refused to pay for something that Mr B could potentially work his magic on, and thats just what he did. He busied himself with it and has come up with the most amazing space for the TV. I am quite frankly in love with it. Its made the room so much bigger and means we do not have to have an extra TV cabinet as the TV fits perfectly on the shelf. In my excitement of actually getting this done I forgot to take photos of what it looked like before, but let me assure you, it had some horrible red wood shelving one side, with a dark red fire surround, definitely not our taste! Now it is so light and bright! The fire is a huge change, from a horrible cream back and the worst looking tiles on a huge slab on concrete. We now have the most gorgeous piece of marble which I am constantly polishing!


As you can see we have 3 colour swatches on the wall. We are close to choosing out of the darker two. The chimney breast will be painted and everything else will be white apart from the back wall which will have the most gorgeous Orla Kiely wallpaper, I am in love with her designs! This will take a while as we have to have it plastered but our plasterer is not available till mid September. The the flooring! How wonderful its going to be not to tread on bare floorboards! {We are opting for wooden flooring but it will be much nicer than what we have!}

The next big change is in the previous extension. We decided we wanted new french doors and some windows bricked up due to privacy. We could see right into our neighbours garden through them so it only made sense. It has made a huge change and has opened up the room so much. It looks part of the lounge as we also took down a small dividing wall that split the two. I have always wanted it to be apart of the lounge but still a separate room.

13620044_1013470672081877_7764471739781678234_n IMG_6520

This was before, urgh even looking at it now I cannot believe its what it looked like! So dark and dingy! I was blown away when I first saw the final result. We had a major problem with the brick layer and we were left with boards for a week and a half which obviously meant the house was not safe and secure. Quite frankly the worst two weeks ever! But that sense of frustration all blew away when I saw the end product. I seemed to forget about the sleepless nights I had been having!

IMG_6515 IMG_6517 IMG_6518

Again, we are waiting on the plasterer, but we have decided to carry the theme through and have it white with a hint of the green with accent nick nacks {I love a nick nack}

We hare halfway through and I could not be happier with the process so far. My husband has worked his socks off this last month as well as his full time job, and let me tell you, he has no carpentry skills what-so-ever and he has done an amazing job. I am super proud of him and it cost us no where near the price that high street brand was quoting us! The windows we also got considerably cheaper {we had a quote for triple the amount we ended up paying! Shocking what these big well known companies will charge!}



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