If you’re sick of looking at your outdated wallpaper, a home makeover is probably in order. From complete overhauls to something simple like choosing new stylish balustrade components for your staircase, the question every homeowner wants to be answered is how often they should change their décor.

While there are some people who love nothing more than giving every room a complete overhaul every couple of years, there are many others who delay changing their décor for decades. Completely gutting your home and starting again is not only costly but also a lot of hassle, so it isn’t something that most householders want to carry out too frequently, but how long should you really leave it before considering an update?

According to a Houzz poll, most people choose to redecorate their home around every 5 years, however, what exactly is meant by “redecorating” varies according to each individual’s definition. According to House Beautiful Magazine, there are three main kinds of home redecoration project, and some should be carried out more often than others.

The complete makeover, as its name suggests, is the most complex and time-consuming way of giving your home décor a facelift. This fairly invasive overhaul takes your chosen room, or even your entire home, back to basics. This type of update allows you to fully embrace the latest trends and achieve a brand new, stylish look from a blank slate.

Usually, most homeowners prefer to carry out this kind of makeover around every five to ten years, simply because a lot can change with regard to fashions in that time. As you get older, your tastes also start to evolve and the décor which you thought looked great five years ago now starts to feel out of place and no longer an expression of you are. When this starts to happen, it’s time to start again from scratch.

The complete makeover involves cleaning everything from top to bottom, replacing outdated furniture and choosing new wall and floor coverings to complement the new look. While expensive, this is a great opportunity to design a creative space that sums up your personality.

Restyling your home should be done more frequently than a complete makeover, although how frequently really does depend on you. A restyle involves taking a good, hard look at your room and deciding what can go, what should stay and what should be added and is something you should do around every two to five years.

If your home is full of pieces that have been in their current place for a while, it’s time to take them all out of the room. Once all of the artwork, ornaments, and accessories have been removed, you can look at the bare furniture and see if any adjustments need to be made. This is an ideal opportunity to move pieces around to give the space a brand new feel.

Once you’ve got the room looking the way you want it, it’s time to replace the details that you think would complement the look and to store away those which you may want to use again in the future.

A refresh is the quickest and easiest way to give your home a lift. Since it’s a simple process it’s something that you can do on a pretty regular basis. As often as every few months if that suits your lifestyle. A refresh could involve something as small as buying some new attractive bedding, a couple of cushions to add to your sofa or a new rug for your hallway.

From replacing your bathroom towels to just changing the perfume of air freshener you use. A refresh can be inexpensive but is a great way to get a brand new feel for your home in just a few minutes.

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