how to decorate your daughter’s room in a timeless style

One of the things that all parents struggle with when it comes to their children’s bedrooms is that, because children grow up so quickly and change their tastes and interests as they grow, then it can mean that their bedroom seems like a place that’s constantly being decorated.

If you have a daughter who currently fits this description or who’s still very young, but you don’t really relish the idea of having to break out the paint brushes every few years, then in this post, we’re going to share with you how to decorate your daughter’s room in a timeless style that she’ll love and that will grow with her.

Use neutral colors

As cute and tempting as it can be to start painting everything in pink, there are plenty of other colours and shades that work in a girls room. You can make it look beautiful, feminine and elegant, and will always look great no matter what stage of life she’s in.

Using neutral shades is always a good bet. They are easy to work around with accessories to really bring the room to life. Using shades like white, cream or even grey can work a lot better. Rather than going with the bright colours you’d normally go for.

Keep a simple theme

Again, a similar logic aplies when it comes to the theme of the room. The goal is to not be decorating and changing things up every few years. Instead of using all those cute animal, teddy bear, or even ballerina themes you see all over Pinterest, you can use an equally beautiful, but simple theme that will work across all age groups such as flowers, stars, butterflies, etc.

Use age-appropriate accessories

The great thing about accessories is that they can always be replaced pretty easily and without having to do any decorating, so whilst there’s no reason you can’t include some things like baby accesories in the room, you can always use things like Melody Jane Dolls Houses for your little girl that will actually be a great accessory no matter what age she is due to their timeless style, and of course as she gets older, you can adapt the other accessories around that to more age-appropriate ones.

Have plenty of storage

One thing that all bedrooms need is storage – and plenty of it, so it really doesn’t matter what age your little girl is. There is never going to be too much storage you can add to her room. Whether she’s a baby or a teen, girls certainly are good at having lots of pretty things. Storage is a great way to keep all of this organised and tidy. It’s also a good way to keep the room looking elegant and timeless. If you have everything stored out of sight then it’s not something that will clash with the theme or decor of the room itself.

You can find plenty of inspiration and ideas online for the different kinds of storage you can have in a room to really make it look effortless.



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  1. March 8, 2019 / 2:49 am

    These are such great tips and I agree girls certainly need lots of storage space!

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