how to create a relaxing and stylish bathroom

My most favourite thing to do in the colder months is to lock myself away in the bathroom with a book and a hot bubble-bath. Lately I may off made the change from book to laptop to catch up on my favourite Netflix programmes. Its a hour I get to myself without any interruptions and a wind down from the hectic family life. 

Winter is well and truly coming, and this means the impending panic about what to buy your kids for the dreaded C-word is firmly in our minds, but, before all this, we have to endure the cold mornings. This means, putting our feet on cold bathroom tiles! You may get fed up about your tootsies being incredibly icicle-like in the morning, but you may think that, finally, you need to update your bathroom. Our bathroom needs to be a little sanctuary, somewhere relaxing, but we also can’t neglect the style aspect. So let’s try and incorporate style and relaxation.

Turning It Into A Spa

We all get envious of those people whose bathrooms look like they belong to the relaxation wing of a plush hotel. But, not be able to scale the dizzying heights of these designs, we can still add a few little touches to recreate that suits us. It’s all about adding a few little touches here and there. Even a simple cosmetic touch like the toilet and basin furniture sets you can see here have numerous options to reinvigorate your bathroom, from natural oak to that white gloss look that is synonymous with most modern bathrooms. Get this right, and if you have the space to incorporate a new bathtub, the bathroom will be completely transformed.

Get The Right Materials

Not for the design, but rather, the bath towels, the floor mats… everything you use! Some good quality bath towels, especially the high-quality microfibre ones feel amazing, but they absorb damp so well that they don’t stink, especially if you left them on the floor because you were in a hurry! On top of this, the rug you step onto, post-bath or shower, needs to feel luxurious beneath your feet. The right materials will those early mornings feel more calming.

Think About Your Layout

You can’t move the sink, bath or toilet, but you can move everything else. The presentation, from how you display your soaps or bath salts isn’t just a great way to evoke that feeling of being in a spa, but by presenting them in a certain way, it shows your bathroom in a different light. We tend to just think about lining up all of these little body treats, but instead, put the products into different containers. For example, if you have a bathtub, getting a bathtub caddy is a nice little addition that is practical and looks amazing.

Set The Mood

Do you have candles? If not, get a handful, and run the water. A lovely aroma is going to distract you from your daily stresses, and by adding in some mood lighting, you have a quick fix to calm down after a long slog in the office. Imagine laying down in the tub with a book, some candles, and this sweet aroma, and you can drift off into another world.

It doesn’t take much effort to make your bathroom relaxing and stylish. So many relaxing implements, from candles to bathtub caddies can automatically add this calming angle to a bathroom. Relaxing and stylish, you’ve got this covered!


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