creating a sanctuary, not a bedroom

Your bedroom should be somewhere you can go for peace and quiet. You should be able to wind-down in there and get a restful night sleep. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, as they tend to be a place where lots of things get put such as clothes, books and knick-knacks. If you want to turn your busy bedroom into a sanctuary, here are a few suggestions that might help.

Make A Decision

Many bedrooms are cluttered, as people tend to put things in them out of the way of other room to improve the decor elsewhere. Start off by de-cluttering your bedroom and making a decision about what you do want in there. Do you want a TV or a bookcase, for example?  If you have the space then these are fine but do not just have lots of things sitting about for no reason. A chair or stool, for instance, tend to collect piles of clothes, and rarely get used as a seat. You do not need lots of ornaments, or your makeup left lying around. Store it or throw it, but get the unnecessary clutter out of your bedroom.

Space Around Your Bed

Even if your bedroom is not very large and the bed takes up a large part of it, the best way is to have the bed place so there is space either side of it. You may gain a few inches by pushing it up against a wall, but this can create a trapped feeling rather than a relaxing one. It will also make it easier to make the bed.

Bed Linen

Have bed linen that is warm and inviting and not something that is so bright it will keep you awake at night. In fact, this applies to all beds in your home, especially ones that belong to children. Wholesale bed runners are worth considering. They are a great and simple way to change the look of your bed every day if you want.

Choose relaxing colours for your bed linen, ones that are made of materials that feel good on your skin. Always have a spare set in case of accidents such as spilling a drink on them.

Make The Best Use Of Your Bedside Table

If your bedside table is cluttered with books, tissues and all sorts of other things, sort it out so it can be more useful. If it has drawers they probably have loads of stuff in them that you don’t really need.  Your bedside table should be a place that no one else sees the content of so keep your really personal items in the drawers.

On top of it just have the things you need such as a glass of water, the book you are reading. Maybe and a lamp that means you can have a low light when you need it.

Promoting Good Sleep

It is said that every healthy adult needs 7 hours sleep a night at least. This has to be good sleep though. If it is constantly disturbed you will still feel tired the next day. Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary will help to promote good sleep. You will awake feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.



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