make your house warmer for winter

Autumn is now upon us, and as the season of trick or treating approaches, the nights draw in and the days get colder, out focus goes from keeping our cool in the sweltering summer of 2018 to keeping warm in winter.  

The seasons appear to be becoming more and more pronounced with the weather getting more and more extreme.  Indeed, with such a warm summer, odds are that we’re in for a particularly cold winter, and as such now is the time to get prepared and make your house warmer.


Interestingly, whilst the majority of heat is lost through the roof, as hot air rises, the place where we tend to feel the cold the most is through our feet.  If you’ve experienced going the sensation of walking on carpet to the cold kitchen or bathroom floor, perhaps made up of stone, tile, or veneer lining – you will know, you’re in for a cold shock.  

Therefore, consider carpeting your rooms, or perhaps in the case of a kitchen, using nice large rugs… washable, of course…. that can protect you from the cold hard floor.  There is, of course, the frugal tip of just buying a pair of slippers to overcome this issue, though for the more elaborate, underfloor heating works wonders.

Windows and Doors

We often lose a lot of heat through the cracks between the windows and doors in our home.  The popularity of double glazing, and even, triple glazing speaks volumes to the energy saving nature of these inventions.  The challenge, however, is that even though your windows may not be draughty as such, they are not insulated in the same way walls are – meaning – they require a little extra help.

Whilst wooden shutters are wonderfully stylish, and will help to insulate your window, adding a curtain that you can close at night will vastly increase the amount of heat you keep in your home.  The same as how those sausage like draught blockers will help.


Of course, we all know the value of insulating our home from an energy efficiency perspective, and you can never have enough insulation, it would seem… though, if you know your insulation needs replacing, for instance, in your loft, then now is the time to take care of it rather than in winter when it will be freezing cold in your loft space.

Now that we have focused on the wider sense of keeping your home warm, there are some more personal things you could consider that are also cost-saving, in terms of keeping your energy costs down… as sleeping with the central heating on can be expensive, plus, it can lead to very dry skin and sore throats. Taking a hot water bottle to bed or using an electric blanket can bring a childlike sense of comfort to bedtime and offers a very cheap way to feel more cost in your bed on a cold evening.



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