Interior Design Ideas That Deserve More Love

If you picked a sample of blog posts talking about interior design and decorating ideas, then they’d probably all include similar things. Certain ideas are really popular and get a lot of love, but there are some that hardly anyone talks about. So, I’m showing you a few interior design ideas that I think are underrated and can work wonders for your home!

A Stunning Chandelier

People seem to think that chandeliers are only suitable for big old stately homes with grand old staircases and massive oak front doors. In actuality, they look good it pretty much any home. You probably think about a classic chandelier that’s very diamondy and absolutely massive. But, you can get so many different types of chandeliers these days; the choices are endless. They’re much more subtle than they used to be, and they make the perfect ceiling decoration in an entrance hall. Plus, you can get ones that have lights fitted inside them, which makes them an excellent lighting option for a dining/living room.

A Staircase Upgrade

It’s rare that you look at your stairs as something you can change. Most people end up with the exact same staircase throughout the time they live in their home. But, what if I told you there are loads of gorgeous staircases out there that would make your home look even better? It’s true, you can find bespoke stairs that are designed to match your interior design and look incredible. By upgrading this single aspect of your home, it will literally transform things. Yes, it’s a lot of effort, but my goodness it’s worth it! From a winding staircase to one with hidden storage; there are so many possibilities with this idea.

Kitchen Cabinet Lights

What’s the best thing about your fridge? Apart from the food, it’s got to be that little light that switches on whenever you open the door. It makes night time trips to the fridge much more convenient, and it helps you see where everything is. Now, what’s the worst thing about your kitchen cabinets? Opening them up and struggling to see deep inside as it’s too dark. You can see where I’m going with this – marry the two things and get lights built into your kitchen cabinets! This lets you illuminate the inside of them so you’ll see everything much clearer than ever before. You’ll spend less time rooting around trying to find something, and more time eating. Plus, it just adds an extra design element to your kitchen, and you can even get some where the lights shine down below onto the worktop as well. So, it’s like a two-in-one situation, and can be really elegant!

My aim with these ideas is to give you a few things that you’ve probably not considered before. Of course, the classic stuff like changing your flooring, getting new wallpaper, switching out your curtains, and upgrading the bathroom are still excellent options. But, for something different, why not try one of these three instead?


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