adding sparkle and pizazz to your home before selling

With the new year fast approaching, with it comes so many ideas of what we want to do and achieve for the next twelve months. Many people want to get things in order, and January can often be a time of year for deep cleaning and decluttering your home. As you get yourself settled for another year. Some people may have the intention of selling their homes in the next few months, perhaps looking to move on to pastures new. It can be a daunting process, and often have you feeling overwhelmed. However, if you present your home in the best possible light, you are more likely to be able to get the price you are looking for. But how do you do that? Here are some of the ways you can add some sparkle and pizazz to your home before you pop it on the market for sale.

Think about the ideal time of year

One of the first things to think about would be the time of year that you decide to sell. Many people would suggest that a good time to put your property for sale would be the springtime. People are over the woes of winter, are fully into the new year with motivation and determination, and the brighter days and warmer months are more enticing to move home. This could be the time of year to aim for, which gives you plenty of time to get things in order in your home.

Decluttering has got to be stepped up

There is no hiding from the fact that clutter isn’t going to sell your home. You have to imagine how you feel when you step into other peoples homes, or start looking for new properties yourself. If you walk in and there just seems to be stuff everywhere, and not even a mess, just ornaments, Knick knacks, busyness, it can often mean that you can’t see past those items. You want people to be able to imagine their own things in your home, not focusing on what you have on display. This is why it is so important to start the decluttering process early. Focus on what you want, what you love, and what you need. Giving away things to charity or even selling items online on websites like eBay can help you declutter your home quickly. If they are things you want, but you just want to clear some space in your home, then start the packing process now. Hiring a storage unit or using a garage or outbuilding to store items boxed away means you have already got a head start on the packing.

Deep clean every room

Now onto the cleaning side of things. This again can make a great first impression, so it is time to give each room a full deep clean. It’s the jobs you don’t normally do when you are cleaning up or doing your daily cleans. It is the skirting boards, it’s moving the furniture to hoover and mop underneath. It’s rearranging things to make better use of the space in a room. A clean home is so much more inviting to a prospective buyer, and it shows that you have taken care of the property whilst living in it. Once the deep clean is done, you can then easily maintain the cleanliness. Especially just before a viewing.

Is it time to give your home a bit of a refresh

Maybe now is the time to start thinking about a refresh in your home. Are there any rooms that are looking a little dated? Will there be any rooms that have been decorated specific to someone’s taste? Such as a pink bedroom for a girl or a bright colour that may not appeal to the masses? It could be time to pull out the brush and paint and give those walls a lick of paint in a neutral tone. It can help to make a home feel fresh, updated, and also appeal to the masses as a neutral colour scheme can work with most furniture and themes.

Think about the kerb appeal

Finally, the kerb appeal is also important to your home. This is the first impression. As someone pulls up in their car, or walks up to your property, they are going to make an instant decision on what they think about it. Take the time to clear away debris from front gardens. Brush up driveways and paths, and make sure windows are clean and sparkling. It can often be these small things that can make the biggest difference. After all, a first impression counts for a lot.

Let’s hope these tips will have you selling your home in record time and moving on to your next adventure.


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