3 suggestions for decorating a new home once you’ve just moved in

Moving homes can be both an exciting, and a terrifying experience. On the one hand, there’s the natural thrill of turning over a new leaf, and starting a new chapter in your life. It’s something like New Years, but in building-format.

Then again, moving homes also means stepping out into the uncertain and potentially risky. What if you don’t like the home once you’ve moved in? What if you can’t really settle in?

One of the ways that people set about marking their territory and settling into their new homes is by decorating them in a particular way. But if you’re short on inspiration, or haven’t moved homes before, how should you decorate?

Here are a few thoughts.

Add some features for the sake of pure comfort

Well, first things first. Your home is meant to be a place where you can relax, recharge your batteries, have a good time, and not just be chronically stressed out by whatever might be weighing down on you in the various dimensions of your professional and social life, right?

Well, keeping that in mind, you definitely want to add in some features to your new home which are solely there for the benefit of turning your home environment into a more comfortable place to be.

Investigate plush rugs from Carpet One that feel like a little corner of paradise when you tread on them with bare feet. Get a sofa that has the perfect feel and shape for curling up on with a good book. Find a space heater that makes things perfectly crispy.

The specifics are all up to you, but the point here is that you take steps to turn your home into a legitimately comfortable place to be.

Focus on emotionally meaningful objects, preferably that have a story

The world-renowned cleaning-up guru and home organiser, Marie Kondo, is probably best known for her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, which encourages people to get rid of all of their belongings which don’t evoke a “spark of joy”.

Whether or not that standard is a bit too extreme for you, is another issue. The basic point, though, is that you can significantly improve your quality of life, and the quality of your relationship with your home, by focusing on filling it with emotionally meaningful objects, while minimising things that don’t make you feel good.

Ideally, the objects you fill your home with will not only make you feel a “spark of joy”, but will also have a meaningful story attached to them.

Don’t over-decorate, reduce clutter like your life depends on it

When you first move into your new home, you may well be overwhelmed for a minute by how great it feels to be somewhere that isn’t completely cluttered to the rafters.

When you start unpacking your belongings and shopping for new decorations, though, you may find that you end up back in a cluttered wasteland in a pretty short space of time.

Clutter is one of the core sources of stress and dissatisfaction in the home. It makes your life that much more chaotic, and your home that much harder to manage.

When moving to a new home, don’t over-decorate. Reduce clutter like your life depends on it.



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