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This year we are packing our camping gear and spending five days in the lakes. I am so excited and so is Moo and H {I think the husband is too!} As a family we have chosen not to do holidays abroad, purely for money. I would rather spend the money that a holiday would cost on house decoration if I am honest! Don’t get me wrong, I am always wishing for a holiday abroad but I sometimes think we need to get our priorities right. This is not our first camping trip as a family, we went a couple of years ago and we had such a blast we were eager to get back into it. So here are a few tips that would make your camping trip a little bit easier!

When booking a campsite, check whether or not your pitch is likely to be near the entertainments house. Last time we went camping it was a good mile walk back to our tent. Although it was a lovely walk, with gorgeous views across the countryside, when you have had a few drinks it is the last thing you want to do with two children in tow! This year I believe {hope} we are quite near the complex. I may regret being so close once I here the drunken screeches down the karaoke machine!

Taking games equipment like footballs, Frisbees or tennis rackets, are always a must {some camps supply them} but we have always taken our own. Lazy mornings by the tent are always fun, and it makes it better when you have activities to do. You also draw attention from other families which can help your children make friends whilst on holiday!

Decide before you go what your meal plans are going to be The first few years {as a couple} we went and cooked our own breakfast and dinner on a camping stove. Now I have children I have not settled to the idea and we tend to eat breakfast at the club house, prepare our own lunch {normally sandwiches} and then have dinner out somewhere. The first year we went with Moo and H we ate out every-time and it became rather costly!

If you are one for kids clubs, check the times and venues before hand. We have never put Moo and H in a club before, it doesn’t appeal to us as a family. But looking on from previous holidays they do get very busy!

From experience the evening entertainment gets very busy, I always make sure I am queuing beforehand for a decent seat so I have full few of Moo and H on the dance floor. It can be a bit of a free for all on the table picking, but if you get there in plenty of time nine times out of ten you are able to pitch up onto a good table.

Be BBQ safe – Common sense really, never light a barbecue in an enclosed space, don’t leave children unsupervised near a barbecue and ensure the barbecue is fully extinguished after use. I personally don’t use a BBQ when we camp, but if you choose to then obviously take care when you do!


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