– Recovery, Update –

Here we are day eleven post op and I still feel sluggish. I mean Im feeling a hell of a lot better than day four! But I am still feeling sore, bruised and a little tender. I currently have a bruise the size of a plum of my stomach, which I am surprised at. My belly has healed really well and looks good {other than the bruise}. The scar looks like a crease, like a stretch mark and once its faded it will be fine.

My neck, is a whole different story. The original operation left me with a thin scar that sat neatly in the crease of my jaw. The second operation has left me with a long scar running down the side of my neck. It reaches my ear and runs down to just level with my chin. The scar is perfect. If I was to look straight on you couldn’t tell it was there. But if I was to turn my head slightly you would see the effects of the disease I had. Unfortunately I have a bobble of skin that ties the ends together and its prominent, prominent enough for me to hate it.

People say, its fine, but when its on you and when you can feel it, its a whole different story. To not have it, to having it is pretty weird and yes, its better than having the cancerous mole there but its ugly and not very appealing. Its more like a wart, a wart thats just appeared. A hard wart thats now stuck on my neck.

As of yet, I am to touch it. I can’t touch it, I can just about look at it. My neck is tight and it constantly feels like my skin is being pulled back. I can’t look right, without the tension being pulled ever so tighter. I know its only been eleven days since surgery and its going to take a whole eighteen months for it to recover fully, but I wish it was never there, IT was never there in the first place.

I have options, I have options for more surgery, but thats something I need to think about and what with it being so soon after this operation its not something I want to do just yet. The previous operation was pretty horrific and I found it all a little invasive and having to be awake for the whole procedure was just something I do not want to have to go through anytime soon. But in-time I may want to change the look of the “wart” {yes I have named it “the wart”} and I may want to have a skin graph, but for now I am hoping potions and creams will ease the tightness and reduce the redness and lumpy bump-ness off it all.

I am sleeping a bit better than I was, and after my all day benders of being on the sofa last week I have been out every day since Saturday and its been wonderful. Its so nice to get out and not dwell on things and the what ifs..

I am slowly recovering and have fully come to terms with whats happened. I am now determined more than ever to raise awareness of skin cancer and the effects it has on people. Its so important to check yourself and to use cream when out and about. Its so important to notice changes in your moles and to take note of any ones that don’t look good. I keep telling people that you really wouldn’t ignore a lump would you? So why should you ignore a changing mole?


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