I am back this week with my mini-series For The Love Of. This week its all about Vlogs! Since I began blogging, its evolved into not just blogging but vlogging. I am no way going to start my own vlog. I hate the sound of my voice on camera and I would only end up putting on some posh accent to try and distinguish the common Essex twang I have. Recently I have fallen hook line and sinker in watching other people speaking into a camera! Here are three of my favourite this month.


I love Charlottes Vlog. I have not been watching it long, but I get that happy feeling when she pops up a video. Her channel is a mixture of bits, from motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, holidays, food and, life. Charlotte doesn’t just document the good things, its pretty heartfelt and has recently been vlogging about her {very gorgeous} little girls cleft repair which as you can imagine is rather emotional to watch. I am slowly making my way through her videos and would definitely recommend her channel. Charlotte also blogs over at Write Like No One’s Watching {which is also a bloody good Blog!}


I am very very new to this channel. I clicked through because Rebecca {Mrs Meldrum} was doing a Primark haul and I found myself a few hours later still watching her {Bit stalkerish really!} Her husband {Mr Meldrum} has just come on board and together they have a channel called The Meldrums. I absolutely love the enthusiasm in these vlogs and all the quirky sayings! Mrs Meldrum is a pregnancy, parenting and life vlog. Go check it out!


I think everyone watches Katie’s Vlog. This is the first channel I ever watched and subscribed too. I love the way it has evolved, its basically Katie’s second blog {which is a good read!} The day in the life videos are snippets into her and her families life. Featuring her two gorgeous girls and the latest edition of her little boy. I love the holiday videos and I really enjoy the make-over videos she does. Katie’s house always looks so tidy and you wouldn’t believe 3 children lived there! Katie’s vlog got me really interested in watching vlogs and I always have an hour out every day to catch up on my favourites.

Do you have a favourite Vlog? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new channels to follow! If you have not checked out the channels I have blogged about then click on the links above to go straight to their page!



    • mummyheartsyou
      April 20, 2017 / 6:19 am

      Me either! It’s only within the last six months that I’ve really taken an interest! These three are great!

    • mummyheartsyou
      April 20, 2017 / 6:18 am

      Will check those out! Thank you xx

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