I am back this week with my mini-series For The Love Of. This week I am blogging about my love of Vlogs and what I have been watching this past month, so here is my top three TV Vloggers this month. You can join in by linking up your favourites below. All these Vlogs are new to me just this month and they are ones I am really really enjoying.

I found this Vlog via quite a few YouTube channels I follow. Louise seems to be friends with quite a few vloggers and I didn’t realise when I started watching her how big her channel actually was. I turned on my TV the other week to see her on GMB chatting away. I’ve managed to watch a huge back log of videos on her channel and I am really enjoying the honesty. I find myself howling with laughter. The above video is one of my favourites and really made me giggle. Louise vlogs about anything and everything. Its a great channel and one I highly recommend.

This channel popped up as a suggested channel I may like and it wasn’t wring. I am loving this channel at the moment. There is so much on there that I enjoy watching from shopping, hauls, monthly favourites, make up and so much more. I am also loving her sister channel Fleur DeVlogs which houses pregnancy, life and travel videos.

Hannah is a mother to two children. She shares little snippets of her life with you. Hannah posts day in the life style videos once a week. Occasionally she will post up fashion posts which I love to watch. Her DITL videos are so lovely and I love the way she edits them. Most recently she has changed her DITL set up and films them in short mini-clips and then edits them together. Its something different and something I really like watching. Have you checked Hannah out? If not then you should!

Do you have a favourite Vlog? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new channels to follow! If you have not checked out the channels I have blogged about then click on the links above to go straight to their page. If you enjoy them as much as me why don’t you subscribe to their channel too!


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