I am back this week with my mini-series For The Love Of. This week I am blogging about my love of Vlogs and what I have been watching this past month, so here is my top three TV Vloggers this month. You can join in by linking up your favourites below.

First up is, Hannah Gale. I found this Vlog via this link up. Thank you very muchly mum reinvented! She shared her Blog in a For The Love Of and I checked Hannah out and I am addicted to her vlogs {in fact everything! Instagram, stories, blog, twitter!} I love the weekly vlogs and i especially loved her secret pregnancy video. She filmed her first few months in secret and then shared it to the world. I love the way Hannah films, I love the music, I love everything!

You probably guessed Hannah is pregnant, so she is vlogging about that, but she also does hauls, travel, weekly vlogs and general life goings-ons. It is one of my top five channels to watch and if you have not checked it out then please please do. I am subscribed to everything and love it when I get a notification that she has uploaded. Now I sound like a stalker!

I found this channel because of my love for Primark hauls. I’ve watched so many of them and I have become some saddo that indulges herself daily in a haul. I have only been watching Emma’s channel for about a month and so far I am really enjoying it. Emma vlogs about anything and everything. Room tours, hauls {which are my favourite!}, travel, food and days out. I love that its more relaxed than others and I feel like Emma is just sitting in my lounge talking to me rather than through a computer screen {does that make sense!} Its definitely a channel I have grown to love and I look forward to updates from Emma’s little family.


I have literally only been subscribed to Amy’s channel for a matter of weeks. I found it through another Vlogger and I love her updates of life as a mum. Again {you can see a pattern here!} Amy vlogs, hauls, day in the life’s, room tours, and lifestyle. I especially love the mum tip videos! They are so handy and very helpful! {the video above is genius!} I am currently making my way through the backlog of videos as I am so new to her channel. But I have been keeping track over on Insta-Stories! Amy is also part of the channel mum team, which is another great channel if you have not seen that one!

Do you have a favourite Vlog? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new channels to follow! If you have not checked out the channels I have blogged about then click on the links above to go straight to their page. If you enjoy them as much as me why don’t you subscribe to their channel too!



    • mummyheartsyou
      August 21, 2017 / 7:19 pm

      Definitely check them out, they are all really good

    • mummyheartsyou
      August 22, 2017 / 8:33 am

      Can’t believe you’ve not watched Hannah’s Vlog! Definitely one of my favourites, her blog is awesome, so pleased you recommended her a few weeks ago as I would never have found her otherwise!

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