I am back this week with my mini-series For The Love Of. Instagram has fast become one of my favourite social media platforms. I love checking in with all the people I love to follow. Now with “Stories” I find I spend quite a chunk of my day getting my Insta-Fix. I have so many accounts I love and I have already shared quite a few in previous posts, but this month I have been loving three in particular.

Vanessa’s feed is gorgeous. I adore the realness of her images. She resides in California and has 3 little ones who play a huge part in her Insta-squares. Vanessa doesn’t give too much away, but I like that. She shares the rawness of her life and her photos could not be more beautiful. Vanessa has a passion for art, which comes across in her images. If you have not checked her out then you are definitely missing out. Click the link above to give her a follow.

Bee is a mother to two boys. She labels herself as an obsessive photographer and her instagram feed is homage to that. Her feed consists of, food, family, lifestyle, fashion, adventures and so much more. Bee’s feed has a lovely fresh feeling to it and is definitely one I enjoy looking through. Have you seen Bee’s feed? If not click the link above to go and check it out.

If you have not seen Rebecca’s Insta-Feed then you really are missing out on a gem. This is definitely one of my favourite accounts at the moment. Its full of beautiful images. Rebecca is mummy to a little boy and expecting a little girl later this year. You will find lots from days out, home, pregnancy, flowers, fashion and loads more. Definitely a feed you want to be checking out.

Do you have a favourite Instagrammer? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new feeds to follow! If you have not checked out the above I have blogged about then click on the links above to go straight to their page. You won’t regret it! If you enjoy them as much as me why don’t you give them a like too!


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