I am back this week with my mini-series For The Love Of. This week its all about Instagram. I love this social networking platform and I don’t use it half as much as I should, but I love keeping up to date with all my favourites. So here are my three for this month.

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I love Jo’s feed. Its full of family, life, baby, toddler and fashion photos. Her feed is an array of gorgeous images and she manages to capture moments perfectly. Jo has started a hashtag #NotAFrumpyMum. mainly aimed at fashion and what she and other Instagrammers are wearing, its a great way to find different styles. Its one I try {and fail} to remember to add to my fashion photos. If you have not done so already its definitely an account to check out.

Rachel is an interiors addict and this shows throughout her feed. I lust daily over this account and I see so many images that I absolutely love and wish to re-create at home. Rachel’s feed isn’t just interior based, its also snippets of life with two boys. When out and about Rachel captures moments with her family perfectly and each photo is stunning. I adore this account and urge anyone that hasn’t checked it out to do so!

I have been following Kerry aka Noah and The Girls, for sometime now. She is a lifestyle and interiors Instagrammer with a blog to go with it. I love the filters used on Kerry’s pictures. Her feed is filled with gorgeous pictures of her children and the most beautiful flowers. I love Kerry’s take on flat-lays, her images are perfectly taken and its fast becoming a favourite Instagram account of mine. Click on the link above to check out her full feed. Its definitely must!

Do you have a favourite Instagrammer? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new feeds to follow! If you have not checked out the above I have blogged about then click on the links above to go straight to their page. You won’t regret it! If you enjoy them as much as me why don’t you give them a like too!

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