I have not posted a For The Love Of for a few weeks. One because I got a bit side tracked and two I wanted to condense it down. I was posting weekly and I think it go too much. Ive decided to make it a monthly feature rather than a weekly feature. The last Monday of every month I will schedule a post and highlight either a blog, Vlog or Instagram handle I have been loving. Originally I was sharing what TV I was watching and currently enjoying and I do still want to carry on with that but I have decided to do that under a different name once a month away from this linky as I felt it didn’t actually fit in with the theme of For The Love Of.

Ever since I started blogging I have always loved to sit with a cup of tea and catch up with some of my favourite bloggers. Lately I have scrapped the tea and replaced it for a hot water bottle and my bed. Before I give in for the day I always check my bloglovin feed and catch up. So which blogs have I been loving this month? Read on to find out!

Katie’s blog was the first ever blog I started to read. I used to jump between her blog and one other which I have already spoken about on these little series. I’ve mentioned Katie’s Vlog so many times on this blog because it really is an all round favourite. I feel a bit stalkerish that I actually mention her so many times! If you have not heard of Katie’s blog its mummydaddyme and its full of honest words and beautiful pictures. She has 2 gorgeous girls and one very adorable little boy. I just love the realness of it. Her writing is just beautiful and it evolves all the time. Definitely check her out if you have not done so yet. I am sure you have all heard of her!

Next is Claire who blogs over at The Ladybirds Adventures. I adore this blog and found it through a link up I join in with. Claire has two children F and E. She takes gorgeous pictures and writes honestly. You will find posts about days out as a family, family adventures, holidays and all things parenting! Claire loves to encourage sensory play and I love reading about all the new things she has introduced to her children. If you have not checked out The Ladybirds Adventures, then please do, its such a lovely down-to-earth blog!

Lastly I have really been enjoying Fleur De Force. I am not one for beauty and fashion blogs, but I love this one. So much so I have gone and followed her EVERYWHERE. It isn’t just fashion and beauty she focuses on, she also blogs about lifestyle. I love the whole feel of her blog. Its fresh and really current. She is also expecting her first baby at the end of the year so that also plays a part on her blog, but she has a baby blogging channel which is also very good! If you have not checked out the blog then I highly recommend you do.

Next month I will be talking about my favourite Instagram accounts, so please do look out for it and join in with me if you can! Do you have a favourite Blog? Leave the link below, I am always looking for new ones to follow!



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