Two years ago I started running. I was really consistent with it and bloody loved it. One evening I went for a walk,  it was more of a power walk and unfortunately my knees couldn’t handle it. After 2 months of running I had to give it up. I was gutted as I used running as a stress outlet and it worked wonders.

Last year I said that I would start back up again when H started school. Every month I said I would dig out my trainers and I would get out there. It never happened. I never did dig out those trainers and dust them off. Shameful!

Last week something happened that surprised me. I finally dug out the trainers and went for my first run in two years. I have to admit it wasn’t great, but I went and I felt fantastic after. I ran/walked 1.5 miles and although it took me 40 minutes I couldn’t believe that I went out. I did choose a really bad route as there were quite a few hills, hence the 40 minutes!

Two days later I went again and instead of being out for 40 minutes, I was out for 20, same route less walking and more running. I felt awesome and thought this could actually be quite fun. I didn’t ache as much as my first run and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went out for a third run over the weekend and it was actually no-where near as good as my second run. I was poorly anyway and maybe shouldn’t of gone. I managed to run a fair bit but then I got a stitch and after that I lost the pace and couldn’t pick up momentum. Its ok though as I still went out and gave it a bloody good shot. I am looking at changing my running route as where I live is quite hilly and I find the hills hard!

I look up to so many people that run, bloggers and school mum friends. It was actually a school mum friend that gave me the push I needed to get back out and give it another go. When I get better we will go out together but I have said I need to be more confident and run at least a good mile before that! She is pretty hardcore running 5 miles at a time so I don’t want to hold her back!

Now I have time in the day with both G and H at school its prefect opportunity for me to get out there and clock up my miles. Its so great to finally be back on the running game..




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