– Weekly Round-Up #9 –

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Mr B went back to work after a lovely two and a half weeks off. It was quite a shock tot he system for both of us!

Lots has happened this week, so without to much waffling…

Sunday saw us visit my sister who was doing a boot sale. We headed out about 9 and managed to find her in the wilderness of cars! It was really busy and really really hot! By 9.45 I was suggesting we headed home as I was beginning to get quite uncomfortable in the heat. I got the paddling pool out as soon as we got in and both Moo and H enjoyed spending the afternoon in it!

Moo had a party to go to on Monday and it was really lovely to get out of the house and speak to other adults! Moo really enjoyed herself and is missing all her friends from school. It turned out to be a lovely day so we spent most of the party outside having a good ole natter whilst the children played on the bouncy castle and did party games. My mum came over for dinner and a catch up which is always lovely. I had to pop out and help the village hall with their bookings. Although I don’t live in the village anymore, I still like to support it and help when I can!

Tuesday Moo, H and I went to a friends house. We sat outside {again!} as the weather turned out quote nice and the children played on a water slide, which was pretty impressive and if I had my swimming costume {which never would of been the case} I would of definitely had a go! We came home in time for dinner and me and the Mr chilled infant of the TV

It was a sad today today as Wednesday saw Mr B return to work {boo} The weather was pants and I decided that a pj day may as well be had. Moo and H played together really well and I managed to catch up on the washing and cleaning. Pretty boring day really!

Thursday I had to go and have my stitches removed from my minor op I had last week. I was not best happy as the Doctors couldn’t fit me in and they told me I needed to go and wait over at minor injuries. The children were really well behaved and although we had to wait over an hour, once they were removed I felt a whole lot better. I decided that as I wasn’t going food shopping until the end of the week, I would treat them both to a cheeky McDonalds lunch! I was going to take them to the park, but it started to rain really heavy so we got back home and all snuggled on the sofa!

I had to go and do the food shop on Friday. Normally its quite a chilled affair, but I had two children in tow this week and it was not fun! Back home and we quickly tidied up and waited for our visitors. Moo and H’s cousins were coming for lunch. It was a lovely day and it went so quickly, which was disappointing! Before we new it it was twenty to five! Mr B got in late from work so before I knew it it was bedtime for me!

Saturday was a busy day. We had to go and do the school uniform shop and to say it was stressful is an understatement. Normally its one set we have to get but this year its two and I was overwhelmed by it all. Moo threw the biggest paddy in the shoe shop when we couldn’t get the shoes she liked and it all went downhill from then. Luckily we managed to get everything, apart from the shoes of course! We came home and literally collapsed on the sofa! We had a pizza tea and a very chilled evening.


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