Weekly Round-Up #17

I really enjoy typing up these posts as it gets me reflecting on the week just passed. Its been a while since I posted one and I really need to get into a routine of getting them up weekly! Here is what we have been busy doing this week.

Sunday we went to the in-laws for dinner and on days like this I like to be organised for when we return home. I managed to get the school uniform ironed and lunches prepped. I like to come home and not have to rush around getting everything together. We had lunch and enjoyed the company of Mr B’s family. I look forward to every other Sunday purely for this. Once home I had a nice soak in the bath!

It was a busy day Monday. I went to see my sister as usual and we had to pop into town as my kettle had broken! {Oh the pain} I saw one online I really liked so I went to go and purchase it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Typical. I ended up buying a bog standard cream kettle. I headed back with my sister and had lunch at hers. We both had meetings at our schools so was a short visit. I joined in with our version of the PTA. Once Pick up was done we headed straight to swimming. Moo has come on so far and I adore watching her. I find it fascinating how quickly she has picked it all up. She had to swim lengths this week!!

Tuesday I was on a mission to clean the upstairs. Beds were changed, floors were cleared and the hoovering was accomplished! It felt good not to have a little person badgering me and I was able to get it all done! I normally do big jobs like this at weekends {why I don’t know!} I picked Moo and H up from school and returned home for a quick hour as we had to get back to the doctors for H to have his flu nasal spray! He took it well. I had to dash out in the evening as my sister called with news her little boy had, had an accident. I picked her up from work and drove her home, thankfully all was ok!

On Wednesday, once Moo and H were at school I chilled on the sofa. I managed to catch up with TV. Its nice not to have to do things sometimes! Moo and H finished school and we got home and chilled some more!

Lots to do on Thursday! Mr B was off work and it was our shopping day for Christmas. With Moo and H dropped of at school we headed straight to the shops, with no clue what to get we were a little lost! We spent all day out and about and by the time we picked the children up we were both a little frazzled and desperate for a cup of tea! Mr B had a quick doctors appointment and after being out all day and not doing the food shop we had a cheeky McDonalds tea!

Friday was another manic day, Mr B was still off, so he did the school run for me. Its always nice to have a break sometimes. We went food shopping and then decided to go on the hunt for a Lego advent calendar.. We have left it far too late and unfortunately were unable to find one! Slightly annoyed I have left it to the last minute!! Moo was at a friends house for tea so we picked H up and headed home. We chilled on the sofa and I cooked tea of gammon and mini garlic potatoes, was really good! I picked Moo up and when she got in she asked to go straight to bed! She looked really tired and I think she was having some effect from the nasal flu spray she had had at school the previous day!

Total chill day on Saturday. Mr B was working and we stayed in our pjs all day. I wasn’t feeling great with a headache and sore throat thanks to Moo and her cold she has had. I managed to get all the washing done and hung up, it always feels good when you get on top of the laundry! Moo wanted to go to bed, extra early, but I hung her out, we had a tea of sausage and chips and a night of Im A Celeb and Strictly!

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