– Weekly Round-Up #16 –

This week has seen us on half term and its been a relaxed affair. I didn’t plan anything special. Its been a really nice break from school and I think both Moo and H are ready to go back and have some sort of routine back.

Sunday Mr B had to work. I went out early to meet my dad who had come down for the weekend to sort some bits out. Its not often I see him so it was good to catch up. After  I took Moo and H to the in-laws for lunch. Once home I did some of my crochet blanket and was thankful that I didn’t have to get school bits ready.

I decided to take the children to soft play on Monday. I was going to go early but I got a text from the delivery company delivering Moo’s birthday present that it was due today. I was a bit miffed as I didn’t want to go to a busy soft play. It was due at 11am so I decided to go after lunch. We arrived to the soft play being quite busy but after an hour everybody left and there was only three families, so it was a rather relaxing afternoon. I managed to team ahead on my blanket.

Tuesday we had a sneaky PJ day. Its mandatory to have one in the holidays. I managed to catch up on the washing and tidy up around the house. Half term is always when the housework goes a bit wild. I have managed to keep on top of it though! I finished my blanket and started on the border!

Mr B was off on Wednesday and we had to pop to the shops to collect his comic order. We popped into the local Asda and stocked up on sweets for halloween too. We have never had people knock on the door for trick or treat before so the children were really excited. We had a sausage and chip tea.

Thursday I had to do the food shop and with two children it becomes a bit stressful! Moo was really well behaved in the shop, H was just asking for anything and everything. Once home I had a quick cup of tea and then headed to Moo and H’s friend for lunch. It was good to have adult conversation and the children really enjoyed themselves.

I decided on Friday I would spend the day fixing Lego. It took me to past lunchtime and my back ached after! I had Moo’s collection and H’s to do. It had got pretty out of hand and I like there sets together rather than mixed up. Mr B was a little late home so I finished of my blanket whilst I waited for him. I decided to make my own shepherds pie for dinner. I normally use a packet mix but I made it from scratch and it was really nice! Wont be cheating again!

Saturday was halloween day! Moo and H were on at me all day as to when the trick or treaters would be arriving! I managed to get through the day and at 5°clock Moo and H waited patiently. I actually didn’t think anyone would knock at one point and was starting to feel a little defeated, but then out of the blue we had a huge influx and all the excitement came rushing back. It was a good few hours.


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