– Weekly Round-Up #15 –

This week was the final countdown to half term! Its been a long time coming and something I have been looking forward to since mid-term!

Sunday saw us cleaning. We cleaned the whole house an edit felt really good after. I spent 2 hours in Moo’s bedroom sorting through toys, putting them in the correct box. Its been a long time coming and it really needed doing. I sat down Sunday evening and didn’t move till bedtime!

I went to see my sister on Monday. I had a doctors appointment after the school run and then I whizzed round to spend the day with her. Mondays have fast become a day where we spend together and its one of my favourite days of the week as we catch up. We had lunch together and then I left to pick Moo and H up. Moo was at swimming after school and she is doing so well. She swam a whole width without stopping, she was being tested so she had to do breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly and normal doggy paddle and she managed all 4 without stopping. Proud mummy moment!

Tuesday I did nothing. The house was still clean, so I finished the rest of the washing and caught up on my TV. I secretly love days like this! I picked Moo and H up from school and as the weather was so nice I took them to the park. Once home I bathed and fed them and to was soon bedtime. Mr B and I caught up on The Walking Dead once we had eaten our dinner. Zombies and food do not nix well with me!

I had a few jobs to do around the house on Wednesday. Boring jobs, putting washing away and hoovering. By the time I was finished it was near enough lunchtime. After lunch I did some blogging. The weather was terrible so afternoon pick-up was done in the rain! We came home and snuggled on the sofa. I hate cold damp weather!

Thursday Mr B was off and we did the school run together. We had decided to spend today shopping for Moo’s birthday. We needed up getting it all. We did the food shop on the way home and then went out for lunch at GBK. Was lovely to spend time with him. We had to go back to the shops and get some cards which we had forgotten earlier on in the day. Mr B’s parents were shopping to so we met with them and had a coffee before picking Moo and H up.

I managed to wangle myself out of the school run on Friday! Mr B did it on his own. It was nice to have a bath without anyone disturbing me. We didnt do anything today. Mr B played on his game he got a few weeks ago, his first dance to get some time to himself and I caught up with some TV. It was a chilled day which was nice. We both left to pick the children up. Mr B had to get a blood test done from the hospital, its opposite the school which is handy!

Saturday Mr B was working, so I invited my good friend over for lunch. We played games all afternoon. We are very competitive and it brings the worst out in us, but it was a rather calm experience! I made homemade pizza for dinner and once Mr B was home we caught up on a bit of Strictly.


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